We are Arkansans for a while! 

We’ve been busy! We were in Indiana for a couple weeks when we left Florida, staying at Lynnville Park Campground while Allen was working at the shop in Evansville. Well, he was, I took the puppies to my mom’s in Cincinnati for a week. I got to attend the annual festival in our hometown for the first time in a few years and catch up with some friends. I also got lucky enough to be there to let some balloons go by my brother’s tree. He’d been gone for 2 years on June 18th…

We headed to England, Arkansas on the 21st and set up the camper on the tower site. We have water and 110 electric, and Allen can walk to work! Continue reading

Fundraiser Donation Requests from 60+ Companies (with links) 

Disneyworld/Disneyland (60 days)


Dr. Pepper/Snapple (30 days for donations, 6 months for sponsorship)

Hilton Hotels (6 weeks)


Marriott Hotels


Major League Baseball (click your team then “community”)

Cincinnati Reds (4 weeks)


National Football League (click your team then “community”)

Cincinnati Bengals (6 weeks)

Sears/Kmart (30 days)


National Hockey League (click your team then “community”)

Cincinnati Cyclones (7-10 business days)

Pentel (6-8 weeks)

American Girl (6 weeks)

Benchmade Knives (60 days, one request per year)

Otterbox (8 weeks)

TopGolf (30 days, within 40 miles of a TopGolf location)

Cracker Barrel 

Mike’s Car Wash (2 weeks)


Gourmet Gift Baskets (7days)

Izzy’s (45 days, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area)

Cincinnati Museum Center (45 days)

The North Face (6 weeks)


Camping World

Charcoal Grill

Orion Coolers

Grizzly Coolers (60 days)

Easton Hunting (6 weeks)

Cabela’s (60 days)

Lancaster Archery Supply

*only donate to events related to archery

Kodiak Coolers

*no (6/2017) Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 8.19.10 AM



Gerber Gear (60 days)

Harbor Freight (8 weeks)

Nikon (6 months)


Moerlein Lager House (Cincinnati, OH)

The Yard House (Cincinnati, OH)

Call: Cincinnati Restaurant Team @ 513-381-4071

Wooden Cask Brewing Company (Covington, KY)

Braxton Brewing Company (Covington, KY)

MadTree Brewing Company (Cincinnati, OH)

*they only sponsor or donate in areas where their products are sold

Louisville Zoo

Mail request on letterhead with 501c3 number & #10 SASE to:

Keith Dunn
1100 Trevilian Way
Louisville, KY 40213

21cMuseum Hotels



American Legacy Tours (Cincinnati/NKY)

Riverside Food Tours (Cincinnati/NKY)

Perfect North Slopes (Cincinnati/NKY)



Crate and Barrel


Ugly Stik (90 days)

Boone County Distilling Co.

Muscle Gear USA

First Watch

Bouquet Restaurant & Wine Bar



Thunderdome Restaurants


Jeff Ruby/The Precinct

JoAnn Fabrics: public.relations@joann.com

Land’s End: donate@landsend.com


Portrait Innovations: requests@portraitinnovations.com

*$100 gift certificate!

Tiny Prints: sponsorship@tinyprints.com


QVC: QVCCommunityAffairs@QVC.com

Stampin’ Up: demos@stampinup.com

*auction basket worth $200!

Igloo Coolers: donations@igloocorp.com or sponsorship@igloocorp.com

River Valley Winery (Carrollton, KY): vkgeo@rivervalleywinery.com

Atwood Hill Winery (Atwood, KY): info@atwoodhillwinery.com

Angel’s Envy Distillery (Louisville, KY): info@angelsenvy.com


Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. (Louisville, KY): contact@kentuckypeerless.com

Xhila Racing (Florence, KY): info@xrkarting.com

Bulleit Frontier Whiskeybulleitbourbon@consumer-care.net ; bulleit@taylorstrategy.com

*no, but keep them in mind for future events

Eli’s Barbequecomments@elisbarbeque.com

Taft Ale Houseinfo@taftalehouse.com

The Melting Potcincinnatimelt@live.com

The Montgomery Inncommunity@montgomeryinn.com

Blinker’s Tavernsmeyer@blinkerstavern.com

The Garage OTRinfo@thegarageotr.com

Cincy Brew Businfo@cincybrewbus.com

Florence Fun Domeflorencefundome@aol.com

Lazer Krazekentuckyparties@lazerkraze.com


Rhinegeist Brewing Company: sponsorships@rhinegeist.com

Top Flight Gymnastics (Crestview Hills, KY): tfgym@topflightgymnastics.com


Thorntons: givingback@thorntonsinc.com (6-8 weeks)
Six Flags Great Adventure
P.O. Box 120
Jackson, NJ 08527
Adidas America
Attn: Donation Committee
5055 N. Greeley Avenue
Portland, OR 97217
Remington Arms Co.
Attn: Consumer Support Specialists
PO Box 700
870 Remington Dr.
Madison, NC  27025

Justin Brands, Inc.
Attn: Sponsorship/Donation
PO Box 548
Fort Worth, TX 76101-0547

Attn: Sponsorship Requests
Mossy Oak
PO Box 757
West Point, MS  39773
Hitachi Power Tools
Attn: Donation Request
1111 Broadway Avenue
Braselton, GA  30517


Hofbrauhaus Newport

200 East 3rd St.

Newport, KY 41071

Working a job that tells you where to go has it’s benefits… 

We were down in Orange City, Florida for 2 weeks while Allen was working on a tower there. They finished up the Tuesday before Memorial Day and we were supposed to head to a job near Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Then the customer in Arkansas decided he didn’t want to be off the air while they worked on his line for his antenna so he was contemplating getting a standby antenna (so he could still broadcast but his signal just wouldn’t be as strong as the main one). So the company told us to sit tight while he decided. All the equipment was on the site in Orange City that they needed in Arkansas so we got a couple days off. 

We went to Blue Springs State Park the first day. There’s an aquifer where fresh water comes out of the ground at 72 degrees year round and feeds the St. John’s River. It was beautiful, plum full of huge gar and other fish… You can swim but we didn’t get in because it actually wasn’t too hot out. 

The next day we went to DeLeon Springs, another state park not far from Orange City RV Resort where we were staying. There’s the same sort of aquifer, 72 degrees year round, but this one is sort of built up to be more of a swimming attraction. There are no fishies, and there are lifeguards. We got in this time and it was like taking the polar plunge! There’s a pancake house at an old sugar mill right next to the spring where you make your own pancakes (aka Allen takes me out to breakfast and I still cook for him!) 

By Friday, they knew no matter what, because of the weekend and the holiday, we weren’t going to get a truck until at least Tuesday morning so we made plans to head over to the coast. We went to Port St. Lucie RV Resort for a couple nights. We had an early dinner at Conchy Joe’s (fabulous!!!) and walked on Jensen Beach. There’s some of the clearest water I’ve seen in the ocean there… Saturday we headed to Blind Creek Beach on Hutchinson Island after picking up a beach umbrella and some sandwiches. I’ll let you click that link if you’re curious as to what kind of beach this is… 

Afterward we wanted to try somewhere else for dinner so we went to    It’s pretty chainy and touristy and the service was pretty bad even at the bar and they weren’t crowded. So we had one drink and went back to Conchy Joe’s for round 2! Altogether there we tried their conch chowder, snow crab legs, 2 different kinds of grilled shrimp, mahi mahi, plantains, more snow crab, wahoo, and swordfish… We ate really well! 

Sunday morning we went over to Paradise Island Campground in Haines City where we had made some friends at the end of last summer. We had 3 days and 3 nights of fun with them. We rode motorcycles over to Cherry Pockets for some gigantic peel and eat shrimp and saw a baby gator swimming, played some cornhole, and had an overall great time! 

Tuesday morning we left early and headed back to Orange City thinking the truck would be there about noon. Allen got a call halfway there saying it wouldn’t be until noon the following day so we parked on site and started the generator. Once the sun went behind the trees we pulled out our 50′ 30amp homemade cord and some adapters and ran some 110 electric from the building on site. A couple of the guys showed up in the morning and they got the truck loaded. 

We headed out and now the job in Arkansas was put on hold so we came up to Chandler, IN for a week of OSHA classes at the shop. We are staying at Lynnville Park Campground next to the boss. 

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda as far as the next job but I want to get somewhere for at least 2 weeks. Our back air conditioner went out when we got to Haines City. The condenser isn’t working, the fan just blows hot air. We tried replacing the tin can board (the motherboard basically) that we had gotten for the middle a/c (that magically started working again on its own) but that didn’t fix the problem. It’s covered under warranty but we need to be somewhere long enough to have a mobile tech come and (I think) replace it. From what I’ve read when the condenser goes out it’s cheaper to just get a new unit. It’s a closed system which means you can’t add freon unlike a car or truck so the whole condenser situation has to be replaced. 

When we bought the camper we had a xzilon coating out on the outside that guarantees no waxing for 5years and included in that was the inside (all the wood and hard surfaces as well as something they put on the carpet to resist stains). With two years of moving and 2 little puppies (one of which was hard to potty train and turns 1 today!) it hasn’t done well at resisting those stains. So I called before we left Orange City and they want us to get two estimates from carpet cleaning companies then they’ll pay to have someone clean them. But, we have to be somewhere long enough for that to happen also which means I definitely need those two stationary weeks at a minimum to make that happen. 

As Allen says, let’s let it play out… It usually works out how it needs to. So this week we are in Lynnville, IN and trying to organize our lives after our 2 weeks of moving and partying! 

Leaving Lynnville

We left Lynnville Park Campground in Indiana this morning. We had a really nice spot this time, and rent is only $130/week for a 50amp FHU pull thru… Allen has to start work in Jacksonville on Friday so we have a couple days to get there. 

Whenever he works at the shop, I feel like we have so much more free time than normal. He works 8 hour days Monday-Friday so it’s a whole lot less than we are both used to. Friday he surprised me with tickets to see Lee Brice, Justin Moore and Brett Young in concert at the Ford Center in Evansville! It was so much fun! We hadn’t been to a big country concert since the last time we were in Jacksonville almost 4 years ago!

The rest of the weekend we did some maintenance on the camper. Allen washed the roof and applied a UV coating called 303. You spray it on with a squirt bottle then rub it in and wipe it off. We put it on the slide seals as well to keep them in good condition. We sprayed the slide tracks and rails with some CRC and Allen touched up some rusty areas back by the garage ramp door with rust stop spray paint

This morning we packed it up and hit the road! We are heading to Compass RV Park about 45 minutes south of the tower site in Jacksonville. I called 12 RV parks before I found one with an available spot! There must be something fun going on this weekend that I don’t know about… We will be there until Monday then have to chase the truck to Tampa for the next job (that’s the plan as of now anyway)!

Adventures as Wichitans!

Hi all! I guess now’s a good a time as any to write a blog post and catch you all up on our extended stay in Wichita, Kansas! 

I thought we were going to be out of there a couple weeks ago, but they added a little something to the job, so we got almost another two weeks out of it. The weather in Kansas, in the spring, is not super conducive to tall tower work, that’s for sure! So that added a little time to our stay. 

We were at All Seasons RV Park in Goddard, if you care to check that out or read the review. 

Just when we thought we were about to pack it up, they added another part to the job so we finally got our chance to run down to Oklahoma City for the weekend! We have some friends down there and LOVE going to the horse races at Remington Park, so that was super fun! Since we were only staying two nights we decided to try a hotel… We boarded the puppies at High Halo Kennels in Goddard. My heart was broken when we left them, and even though they came out fine, I still wouldn’t want to do it frequently! But we had a great weekend, dinner and drinks with Karen & Bob who own Abe’s RV Park, went to the farm with Jerry Livingston, the best horse trainer there is, and did lots of betting with not much winning!

But, staying gave me plenty of time to send Easter cards and other happy mail to kids from Sunshine Snail Mail… 

On Easter we had the crew from work over and we grilled a ham and enjoyed some adult beverages. Justin’s girlfriend, Tikila, is with him on the road now so I have a girl to hang out with, which is really nice! 

A couple guys left Monday to head to the shop in Evansville, Indiana but we stayed back so Allen could load trucks Tuesday. 

Yesterday afternoon we packed everything up and in the process noticed a boat load of water in the large pass thru cubby! FANTASTIC. So we drug everything out and decided it was the Anderson Kantleak – leaking… We took it all apart and off and pipe taped everything. I think it’s fixed. It doesn’t make much sense to me that it would start leaking while we were stationary. We have a water pressure regulator that we use constantly and the part that was leaking isnt something we ever even touch… 

Speaking of nonsensical, we also took the BRAND NEW Splendide 7100xc combo washer/dryer apart TWICE in Wichita. There’s only one mobile service there and he wouldn’t touch it, so we were on our own. It keeps throwing an error code, something to do with the heat sensor or air flow. They sent us a box of their brand of laundry soap but it still threw the code. So then they sent us a fan. (I’m sure the original fan was fine but I think they want to put us on the payroll). We cleaned out the filter in the back on the condenser, AGAIN, even though that’s not supposed to be a customer serviceable part or regular maintenance of any sort. We got it back together and in the closet and ran a load. Thank the lord for Baby Eustace spotting water running everywhere with his puppy curiosity, so we caught that before it was too bad. We didn’t have the condenser back on tight enough so when it got to the dry cycle it started spewing water… As I said, not supposed to be part of regular maintenance. I’m hoping we never have another problem with it, but to be honest, neither of us have very high hopes for that! 

We also changed the tail lights on the truck because the original factory ones kept holding water and burning the bulbs out. 

And replaced the bulbs in the fireplace, that was easy enough! 

So we hit the road this morning, heading to St. Louis, MO so Allen can check out a tower they’ll paint sometime in the future. We have a reservation at Cahokia RV Parque in Illinois only because we have to unhook for him to check out the site. Then we are on our way to the shop in Evansville. Then possibly a few jobs in Florida (fingers crossed for those!) 

Spring Cleaning

We’ve been in Kansas for a week now. (At the All Seasons RV Park)  After the first day, we asked to switch sites.  It’s the first time we’ve ever asked anything like that but the original spot they put us in was super close to our neighbors. We couldn’t walk out of our door without stepping on their welcome mat… 

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Work, play, and more work!

I left off with a post before the Super Bowl. I can’t believe it’s been that long! But we’ve been busy, each in our own way…

The Xenia job was a mess from the start so what was supposed to take 2 weeks, actually took 5! We stayed at Frontier Campground in Waynesville, Ohio for the 2nd time. Waynesville is about an hour from our hometown, so we had our friends come up for a night to hang out. That was a blast!

We’ve all been friends for about 20 years! (Katie, me, Allen, Brandi)

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Tried & True Holiday Recipes

I made all these for our friends and family Thanksgiving dinner… (I planned ahead, big time!) But I’d highly recommend them if you’re making Christmas dinner! They can all be made in a tiny camper kitchen (like ours) also! Enjoy and please let me know what you think if you try them!  Continue reading