Seasonal RV Maintenance

Every so often there are things that need to be done to a camper or RV to keep life rolling smoothly. Not necessarily a big deal or hard to do, just some things you have to remember. We tackled a few of those this past weekend, as well as a fun swap for the heck of it! img_0077-2Water is a big deal, and when you move around, you want to make sure it’s filtered and clean. Some places we go, we get lucky and have super delicious water.

Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing RV Park in Bayard, Nebraska had the BEST tasting water we’ve ever come across! We filled our fresh water tank to the brim before we left and were so sad when all of it was gone!  They had well water, and used a well witcher to find it… That was interesting!

Some places, on the other hand, like most of Florida, have icky water. I think the water here at Paradise Island RV Park in Haines City is sulfur heavy.  I can smell the sprinklers when they run… They smell like matches!

Louisiana has really soft water.  Charlie wouldn’t even drink the water at Pine Crest RV Park in Slidell because it tasted so salty.

We had changed our water filter when we first got down to Florida this time, back at the very end of July. They are supposed to last a “season”, which I take to mean about 3 months. Whenever the filter gets really dirty, we can tell because the water pressure throughout the camper drops.

A few weeks ago, the water pressure only in the kitchen sink dropped considerably, but the rest of the camper was still normal. I cleaned the faucet and the sprayer with vinegar – no help. So then we took the old filter off and ran vinegar through the lines to the kitchen sink to try and clear it out even more before putting the new filter in.

None of that worked.

But we figured while we were at it, and since the filter was so dirty in just a short time, the anode rod in the hot water heater had to be taking a beating as well. We’d only changed it once since buying our Grand Design Momentum in March of 2015. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad at all!

We probably could’ve gone another 4-6 months with that one.

But that didn’t fix the problem either. Out of ideas, I emailed Grand Design to see if they had any suggestions. I recieved and email back yesterday saying they would send us a new kitchen faucet! Wow! So I guess that’ll fix it!

Our one “just for fun” swap was getting blue LED lights to replace the amber porch lights. We’re thinking/hoping that the blue LEDs won’t attract as many bugs as the amber bulbs. Our flood light in the front burnt out, which got us thinking about replacing all of them. The LEDs are more expensive ($20 for a 2 pack) than regular 1156 tail lights, but we’re thinking they’ll last a lot longer. And they won’t get so hot! That’s kind of scary to have bulbs get so hot. We got the blue LED lights, now we are just waiting on a small RV parts store to call and tell us the clear covers are in stock. They had to special order them for us.

Hopefully they will work at keeping the bugs at bay. Down here in Florida we’ve been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and deer flies (or yellow flies). Those things are nasty! I feel like every Saturday night at the campground they go on the attack! (So do the jagerbombs, but I blame all the fun people who live here for that!)

1 thought on “Seasonal RV Maintenance

  1. My neighbor has blue outside lights. I thought he was doing it to support law enforcement. I’d never heard about the effects on bugs. Thanks for the tip. My wife did paint the roof of our front porch light blue which cut down the spiders to almost nothing. She read about it and it worked. She suggested we go with a blue light as well. Think I should get one and give her the credit – but thanks for the tip anyway.

    I’m really interested in what maintenance items to add to our list for both the truck and fifth wheel. Almost started reading online owner’s manuals to start a list – but that would be way overboard right now. Keep up with the maintenance tips so I steal them for my list!


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