Grand Design RV & Colerain RV

Grand Design & Colerain RV
After our terrible experience with the mobile tech down in Dallas, Ray at Grand Design said to send in our receipts for reimbursement and hooked us up with Colerain RV in Cincinnati to get things resolved. 

The new year break must’ve done him good because he’s been a whole lot nicer to deal with since! He set it up for Colerain RV to send someone out to our camper in Sparta, KY. 

But when I talked to them to schedule it, Debbie said she would rather us bring it in to make things easier. They had us in and out in one day! 

Ray had the parts rushed overnight – thank you!

  We gave them the slide motors for the schwintek system on the bedroom slide and they put those in. They also replaced the control box. But said that ultimately we need the whole system replaced. Right now the bedroom is all the way in… Daggone Lippert… 

The tank heater on the back bathroom black tank was bad so that was replaced. Also, the valve for the black tank in front was replaced so hopefully we are done with that leaky nastiness!

I just emailed David at Grand Design with a few questions and he got right back to me with answers. Turns out the weight limit for the garage floor and the ramp door is 2500lbs. So if we get a Smart Car and the bike in there that’ll work! 

We parked the camper in Allen’s parents’ driveway last night and picked it up this morning. We also had dinner with my mom last night.  

 We are aiming to get to Dickson, TN… Not far, but we have a couple days so no need to rush. It’s gloomy today and I kind of want a nap to be honest!

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