Edgestar Washer/Dryer Ventless Combo

We ordered our Edgestar Washer/Dryer Ventless Combo unit on Amazon and it got to us in less than a week. So far I love it!!!

We started with a Dometic ventless combo in March 2015 when we bought our new Grand Design Momentum 385th. It lasted ALMOST 2 years before the control panel burnt up and Dometic didn’t have a replacement part because they stopped making them. So they paid for our Splendide 7100xc ventless combo. We had that for 3 months with nothing but problems from the start so Splendide refunded our money and had someone come get it. (A Complete Review of Splendide 7100xc)

I did a lot of research after that on which unit I wanted next and wasn’t happy with any that I found. Then I came across the Edgestar on Amazon and knew this was the one. We had watched an Edgestar video on how to replace a thermistor when our Dometic started acting up (Dometic was no help) so I knew they were similar.

So far, the Edgestar is the best we’ve had. It does a larger load of clothes than either the Splendide or Dometic and dries them completely set on the least dry setting. I’ve done towels, sheets, my clothes, Allen’s work clothes, and all the loads come out clean and dry. No drying rack needed! It has a self clean option, an extra rinse option, 3 levels of dry, normal, heavy, sheets, sanitary, delay, and some I haven’t used yet. And it was about half the price of the previous 2! We paid around $950 for the washer AND extended warranty (I’m a HUGE believer in these!). Whereas the Splendide was $1600 and the Dometic $1500 with no extended warranties.


Now it says it’s unavailable 😦

Highly recommended! However, I’ll for sure let you know if we have issues (knock on wood) with it in the future!

7 thoughts on “Edgestar Washer/Dryer Ventless Combo

    • I know people complain that ventless takes too long to dry, but we are so used to it at this point that it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t used a vented model to compare so I can’t really do that. But I’m happy with Edgestar so far!


  1. Hello! Thank you for your honest reviews about the washer/dryer combos as I sit here staring at parts of my Dometic washer/dryer combo spread all over my RV bathroom and bedroom I’m wondering how you like the Edgestar now and if it is still functioning?


    • Hi Michelle. Nope, the first one died, same dryer overheating issue. They sent us a replacement that worked for about a year. We gave up on the ventless and now have a Splendide vented. No problems since we got it almost a year ago. We installed it ourselves and drilled the hole. That was the trickiest and scariest part!


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