A Little Vegas Action

Hey all! We’ve been out in Vegas at the Sam’s Town KOA for three weeks now. I’m not having much luck in the way of gambling, but it’s been fun nonetheless! Allen won $200 yesterday though after our champagne brunch!

Allen is working on a tower in Black Mountain. It’s about 3,000ft high. We went up the first day we got out here to check it out and I wanted to cry! Here’s some photos…

The job was supposed to take about a week but it took that long just to get all their equipment up there! They had to rent a giant forklift that weighs 63k lbs!

Before we got out here we were in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We went up to Caseville, Michigan (in the “thumb”) for a couple days to help another crew with a job and stayed at a state park before finishing the job in Indy. Right before we left, a guy beeped at me on the way home from the grocery and said he could fix our character dent in the dually fender (from jack knifing our previous travel trailer in the dark about 3 years ago). He was able to pull it out and bondo it, but it was too cold to do too much more. When we got out here we went to the grocery and another guy stopped us in the parking lot saying the same thing. OK! So it looks a whole lot better now. We still need to sand it some but who knows when we will get to that!

We had another water leak in the front cubby from one of the brass fittings but that was an easy enough fix. Now our brand new Edgestar washer/dryer combo is throwing the same E3A error code that our Dometic gave us… I just got off the phone with Edgestar and they are going to replace our unit with a new one once we get somewhere with an address long enough to have it shipped. At least they won’t make us take it apart to tinker with it every other day for months like Splendide did!

When we were in Indy, we had a fairly nice day so we adjusted one of the main slides a bit. For some reason it wasn’t going out quite all the way anymore so we fixed that as best we could. We also replaced the circuit breaker for the hydraulic system because it was going bad and our jacks and slides would stutter when moving them.

We had someone come clean the carpet here and I think it looks a little better. We also lost a lens cover for our scare light in the front on the way out here, probably from the wind, so we ordered a new one of those. We got the pups some new bark collars as well. The old ones weren’t my favorite, they were bulky and the batteries died. With these you can charge them with a USB cable and they don’t shock, only beep and vibrate. They seem to be working a lot better and I don’t feel so terrible because I know nothing is hurting them.

We were here for Thanksgiving but Allen had to work so we didn’t do any cooking this year. When we get some time I’d like to make a turkey dinner and have the crew over though.

I’ve been sending a lot of sponsorship and donation requests for the golf tournament Hubble Foundation is doing in the spring and we’ve gotten Disney tickets and airline tickets, along with some smaller things so far. I’m also getting all of my Christmas cards for Sunshine Snail Mail ready to send out after Thanksgiving.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and had a great holiday!

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