Foil Packet Potatoes

Super easy!  I typically use red potatoes, but any kind will work.  I also leave the skin on because I like it, but if you don’t then by all means, peel away!

My grandma always said one potato (Idaho) per person plus one for the pot.  So I do about 2 small red potatoes, maybe a little more, per packet.

Dice them into bite size pieces, pile them onto a square sheet of foil, glob 1-2tbs of butter on the top. This is important: please use REAL butter! It makes all the difference in the world and they taste so much better than if you use margarine… Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder (italian seasoning if you feel so inclined is nice also), then fold them up like a present.

Stick that packet on another piece of foil and wrap it again.  You want to keep the butter in the foil, otherwise you will have some flames going on…

Depending on the size of the packets, they are usually done in about twenty minutes to a half hour.  You’ll be able to tell when you press on the packet, if the potatoes are soft they will give a little.. You can’t really OVERcook them, unless you scorch them to oblivion.  They also stay hot for a long time. So if you have a small grill, like our Weber Q, you can take them off and set them aside while you make whatever else you’re making.  Hopefully my bacon-wrapped pork loin (recipe here)!

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