Thetford RV Toilet Valve Seal Replacement: Round 2!

Yes… We’ve done this before!

Round 1 is here.

Round 2 went a lot smoother BECAUSE we had some experience. This time it was the toilet in the half bath that wasn’t holding water. We got the new seal from Thetford under warranty, but you can also get them online, or buy them through Thetford.

It’s super easy. Start by draining and rinsing your tank as best as possible! Then shut the water off. You’ll need a couple towels handy to soak up extra water and one to set the toilet on.

Unhook the hose going to the toilet. Ours had a little clamp holding the pex in place but yours might be a little different. There are two bolts holding the toilet to the floor that need to be removed. After that you can pull the toilet out away from the wall to get to the bolts holding the bowl onto the pedestal.

Remove those and give the bowl a twist and it should come right off. Set the bowl to the side.

Replace the old seal with the new one. Also replace the seal on the floor with the new one. Then reassemble the situation.

You should be good to go!

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