RV mattress UPGRADE

The mattress that came in our Grand Design Momentum was TERRIBLE! After 3 months it had a huge dip in the middle, literally Charlie would slide into the hole. I called Grand Design to see if they would do anything about because I thought it was a defective mattress. They had us send a photo showing the dip with a ruler and sent us a check for $100. What’s $100 going to do??

So we FINALLY got a new one. We ordered a Brentwood Bamboo RV King from Amazon. It comes rolled in a box. 

It’s supposed to even out “hot spots” which I think it does, especially those little puppy hot spots! I would call it medium firm. We love it so far! It also has a removable, washable cover on it which is super nice.  Since we were spending money on a new mattress, we wanted to get a hypervent to go underneath to protect it from mold and help circulate airflow. You buy it by the foot and cut it to fit. I think it’s worth the investment for sure! 

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