Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin


This is absolutely delicious according to anyone I’ve ever made it for.  I use one of those pork tenderloins that are marinated in the package (usually for around $6-7).  You can use one that is not marinated, but I would marinate it yourself. I then weave slices of bacon, usually about a half pound per pork loin, then wrap it up! I try to use as few toothpicks as I can get away with to secure the bacon because they can be hard to find when it’s finished cooking.

Preheat the grill and spritz it with some grill spray.  Then stick the little piglet on there.  I close the lid and let it cook for about ten minutes, then turn it.  You want all the bacon to be crispy.  By the time that happens, your pork should be done and deliciously juicy from the bacon.  Slice and serve! I usually make foil packet potatoes to go with it…


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