Twin Rivers RV Park, Hobe Sound

7770 SE Federal Hwy
Hobe Sound, FL  33455

I like Twin Rivers a lot.  Jimmy and Catherine run the place.  I think Jimmy’s mom owns it.  He’s a little scatterbrained but he does a good job.  They have a handful of mobile homes that they rent out but the rest are camper sites.  They have a pool that was well maintained, and a clubhouse we used to play beer pong one night.  There were a few snowbirds but mostly pipeline workers when we were there.  We did have ants pretty bad, but Jimmy put some little pellets down outside our rig and that seemed to help a little.

Hobe Sound is probably our favorite place in Florida.  It’s the town just north of Jupiter.  Although I didn’t have Charlie yet when we were here, I’ve since found out that the only dog beach in Palm Beach County is in Jupiter, so I’m hoping we get back sometime soon!  It still has a small town feel to it because it has yet to become touristy.  There aren’t large hotels on the beach or little beach souvenir shops everywhere.  The beach is never too crowded, and it’s maybe ten minutes from Twin Rivers. Halfway to the beach, there is a Winn Dixie, a Public, a liquor store, a couple little restaurants, a laundromat, a post office… If you go the other way on Federal Highway, there’s Cowboys (they do trivia and have gator bites), Duffy’s ($10 rib nights), and a few other restaurants, then a Walmart.  Down toward the water, north of the campground, we found Shrimper’s Restaurant.  SO good! Every time we ate there, the seafood was scrumptious and the service was excellent.


Our “outside tv” before we actually got one.



Washing the who ride

5 thoughts on “Twin Rivers RV Park, Hobe Sound

    • I would suggest calling the RV park to check Amber. This is a private blog where we post reviews of places we’ve stayed, not affiliated with any RV parks or campgrounds. I hope you find something!


      If you would like to keep your camper stay away from these people and this place , our camper disappeared……by these nasty people, somebody stole but everybody knows what happened.


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