Dometic Customer Service FAIL

In our last post I explained the problems we’ve been having with our Dometic washer/dryer combo. We diagnosed the issue (I hope) and ordered parts directly from Dometic. That was Tuesday. They arrived Friday and when I opened the package, 2 of the thermistors were definitely USED! 

You can tell they’d had screws in them and the one was discolored. So I called Dometic customer service yet again. I’m almost certain I got the first woman I spoke with when we were trying to figure out what the error code E3A meant. The woman who wanted nothing to do with providing customer service, but eventually, begrudgingly did after I asked to speak with her supervisor… She was a little incredulous that I was even able to order the part myself and made me explain how I came about the parts list in the first place. She asked me to send her a photo. I sent the one above.

Then she called back with a complete attitude change. She apologized and agreed that they looked used and is sending another pair out to us.

So we have ANOTHER week to wait with no washer/dryer. How does that even happen? How do USED parts get sent? The other two thermistors without the seal have different numbers stamped on them. I brought this up to my favorite Dometic rep but she claims that those numbers are just for factory sorting, and have nothing to do with the thermistors themselves. I find that hard to believe. But we will see!

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6 thoughts on “Dometic Customer Service FAIL

  1. When there is a problem it’s better to have a customer who is disappointed then mad. This gives a company a chance to make up for the mistake. Someone actually made the decision to send used parts out to you, knowing if it did not fix the issue it would leave you wondering if it’s the used part or something else causing the problem.

    Personally, I think they should have sent a repair person out to your trailer at the company’s expense. It would have been money well spent as inexpensive advertising.

    Oh well, glad to see you are rolling with it. It has to suck to pull that thing out of the cabinet to start with. You guys will have a great feeling of satisfaction once you turn it on and it’s fixed – by your own hand and effort.

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    • Yeah, I’m not too happy about having to wait again. And especially peeved about how I’m treated whenever I call, by this one specific person. If these new parts don’t work, I’m going to call back and speak with someone else about the numbers printed on them being different. I can’t believe the factory stamps them for organizing purposes. But we will see.
      And yes, it’s HEAVY! We had to put it back in the nook this morning so I could dig out my football jersey!


  2. I have a Dometic WDCVLW and it will not fully fill with water. I cannot seem to get Dometic to send me the wiring diagram and not one in my area services these units..any ideas?


    • As far as I know, Dometic has stopped making the ventless combos. When our mother board burnt up in 2016, they didn’t have a replacement to send to us. I’m sorry, I don’t have a clue what could be wrong with it.


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