Broken Leveling Jacks… 

Our leveling jacks are not working. The system has lost its little bitty mind! 

We have the Lippert Components Level Up 6 Point Automatic Hydraulic Leveling System on our 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH. Basically you are supposed to be able to push a button and the camper will level itself. This used to work just fine. 

Recently we’ve been hearing a popping sound and it feels like the front jacks are slipping. We opened the manual and started to diagnose the problem. We checked the hydraulic fluid level. We checked that all the knobs and Allen screws were closed where they were supposed to be closed. Some were open so we closed those. Then we tried to hit the automatic level button. 

The jacks lifted the passenger side of the camper all the way off the ground! I could literally spin all three tires! So we canceled that. Then Allen went through the process of overriding the system to manually level the camper. You have to push a button ten times and then it lets you move the jacks separately however you want. Or, it’s supposed to.

When we try to retract the rear jacks, the front ones come up. When we try to extend the front, all of them extend. If we try to retract or extend the left side, all of them react. The whole thing is wonky and it’s not making any sense! 

Has anyone ever had any issues like this?? It’s so frustrating and now we are living in a camper where doors shut by themselves because we can’t get the thing level! 

The closest Grand Design dealer is 2hrs away in Sacramento. And with Allen working, that makes it a little tough to get over there. 


UPDATE: We got the problem fixed on our own, with phone help from Lippert! Here’s what happened. 

9 thoughts on “Broken Leveling Jacks… 

  1. Wow, sounds like a real mess. Our leveling system is not the same but we did just have a switch go bad on our rear jacks. The last four stops we have been cranking them down by hand. Our new switch will be waiting for us at our next stop.
    Good luck on your jacks!
    By the way, love your art work!

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  2. Wow! Thanks for the tip! We just bought our RV and became full timer(2nd month). We have a 2016 Landmark365. I recently started hearing a popping sound and thought it was our neighbors beside us but no one was on either side. Whenever I hear it (wasn’t too much), my husband was either asleep or at work. I think it started when we were at another place and they had a lot of rain the past few days. When we were leveling it, it was taking a long time than usual. At one point the wheels were off the ground! My husband got a block from a near by ACE and thought that might help…nope. Then I noticed the driver side wheels were in a “dip” and told my husband maybe if he repositioned it might help…it did….(thank God!). That’s when I started to hear the first pop…didn’t think nothing of it. I thought it was the wind or near by building with their pounding. but I heard it a couple more times. Told my husband and he checked all the compartment in the basement and nothing was open except for the little door for the retractable cord . But when we got to our next destination, I heard it again a few times, and wouldn’t you know…hubby was asleep again!!! I was thinking about the jack, but was hoping its not till I read this….(oh, we are also using a tripod), I printed everything you have done and will show my husband so we can better prepare do a little maintenance….(BTW, this is my second time commenting on this….I don’t know what happened to the first….if it shows up, just delete…thanks…and thanks again for the pointer…

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    • I’m glad we could help! Replacing a quart of the hydraulic fluid with the CAT additive helped tremendously. Ours would pop the most when the temperature changed (mostly morning and night). Some people have had to add more than a quart but ours has been fine since we did it.
      Another thing, you don’t really want your tires off the ground if you can help it. We carry some 1×6 boards with us in case we need to roll one side onto them to make the site more level side to side. Maybe that would help too.
      We looked at a 365 at the last RV show we attended and loved some of the features! I hope you’re enjoying your new home!


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