Lippert Frame Failure on 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH

Hi all! As many of you know, we have a 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH that we live full time in, traveling for Allen’s job as a broadcast tower technician. We bought this camper 3 years ago today!  We thought we made a good choice.  Continue reading

Lippert 6 Point Hydraulic Leveling System: leaking hose, DIY fix

Oh Lippert… They certainly stand by their products with a spectacularly long one year warranty. Our camper is 2 years old.  Continue reading

A Barn Spike & A Blowout!

I’m tired of tires!


Charlie is sick of the hassle too! 

After we left our second BLM camping oasis in the middle of Wyoming, we had a camper tire blow out in Nebraska… We didn’t feel a thing! Continue reading

Goodbye Cali, Hello Boonies! (Allen titled this post…)

We got the h-e-double hockey sticks outta California yesterday! Good riddance… We were at Novato RV Park for 2 weeks too long.

Hakuna Matada = Leave the past behind you! Continue reading

Some Tag-Team Camper Fixin’!

I posted a week or so ago about our broken leveling jacks. They were not making ANY sense and just being all wonky out of nowhere, all of a sudden. They started messing up when we were checking the hydraulic fluid level when we started hearing a “popping” sound coming from them. And we couldn’t get the camper level again. 

We have the Lippert Components 6-point Hydraulic automatic leveling system called Level-Up. 

Well, today, Allen had the day off so we started with them again. He called Lippert and they started walking us through closing and opening valves to see what the issue was. Then our call got disconnected. Great.  

 We tried to suck all the slides in, to make sure they were still working. Once we got them in, they wouldn’t go back out!  

 We got Lippert on the line again and he determined we had a bad valve in the front leg Jack. He walked us through swapping that one with the valve for the slides. And they are sending us a new valve! Finally.  

 We are just so happy that we don’t have to take it somewhere or try to find a mobile RV repair place to come out and have a look. (I’ve called 3, THREE, places and nobody wants to come out. That’s one way to do business…)

Also, Lippert confirmed what I found online regarding the jacks “popping”. He said first to try and purge the system of air. After we get the valve replaced, suck the jacks all the way in, extend them all the way, repeat, a few times and this should fix the problem. OR we could add something called fork oil to the hydraulic fluid to give it more lubrication.  

 Anyway, cheers to a productive Monday! 

Broken Leveling Jacks… 

Our leveling jacks are not working. The system has lost its little bitty mind! 

We have the Lippert Components Level Up 6 Point Automatic Hydraulic Leveling System on our 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH. Basically you are supposed to be able to push a button and the camper will level itself. This used to work just fine. 

Recently we’ve been hearing a popping sound and it feels like the front jacks are slipping. We opened the manual and started to diagnose the problem. We checked the hydraulic fluid level. We checked that all the knobs and Allen screws were closed where they were supposed to be closed. Some were open so we closed those. Then we tried to hit the automatic level button. 

The jacks lifted the passenger side of the camper all the way off the ground! I could literally spin all three tires! So we canceled that. Then Allen went through the process of overriding the system to manually level the camper. You have to push a button ten times and then it lets you move the jacks separately however you want. Or, it’s supposed to.

When we try to retract the rear jacks, the front ones come up. When we try to extend the front, all of them extend. If we try to retract or extend the left side, all of them react. The whole thing is wonky and it’s not making any sense! 

Has anyone ever had any issues like this?? It’s so frustrating and now we are living in a camper where doors shut by themselves because we can’t get the thing level! 

The closest Grand Design dealer is 2hrs away in Sacramento. And with Allen working, that makes it a little tough to get over there. 


UPDATE: We got the problem fixed on our own, with phone help from Lippert! Here’s what happened.