Flea Market Finds!


Bengals onesie, muffin tin, ammo, scraper, Skin So Soft, puppy cookies, duct tape, perfume, and an awesome looking toilet bowl brush!

I LOVE flea markets!!! Allen had the day off yesterday so we went to Ceasar’s Creek Flea Market right up the street from the campground.  I found lots of cool stuff.  I thought Allen had found lots of stuff too, but it turns out he only got two boxes of ammo for his gun… But he got 2 sandwiches, a root beer and some fudge, so he wasn’t too upset.  It’s crazy how different we are when it comes to what catches his eye vs. what catches mine.  He goes straight for tools and little toy cars and I’m all about the jewelry and little crafty things and books…

I really love the toilet bowl brush, as odd as that sounds, but it’s pretty!IMG_0549

I think my favorite thing I found was a Bengals onesie. Charlie Bengals side view Not that I have a baby or plan to anytime soon, but I can make Charlie clothes out of them.  I made her a Bengals outfit last year from a onesie, and I thought it was adorable!

After all the shopping, we went and jumped in the pool to cool off, which took all of 2 minutes because the water is still freezing!  Then Charlie decided to sunbathe.FullSizeRender-3

Oh, and after the flea market adventure, we stopped at Dot’s Market, we keep hearing they have the best meat in town.  We found a trip-tip (hard to find outside of California). So we grilled that baby…. YUM!!!  The first time we ever had trip-tip was in Sonoma when we camped all weekend for the NHRA race last year.  Our neighbors made one and it was absolutely delicious… IMG_0536

Super thrifty and tiny DIY

image2image1I needed a trash can for our half bath in the garage/living room area. Everything I could find in the store was way too big. Then, we ran out of tissues… I realized the tissue box was the perfect size! So I duct taped it so it’s “waterproof” (maybe) and called it good.

I mean, it kinda matches the stainless steel of the sink, right??

Finally a Flamingo!

I’ve been wanting a pink flamingo for the yard for a LONG time now.  Allen has objected for a LONG time now.  I finally won!

Flamingo in the yard

This particular flamingo has been in my mom’s backyard for a few years now.  Before that it was in my cousin’s garage.  Since we are living near Dayton right now, and my mom’s is only about an hour’s drive, we picked it up yesterday. (Side note: it’s been really nice being able to see our family and friends – and still make money at the same time!)

Allen did a little rust abatement (trying not to tear the whole thing apart), then I gave it a fresh coat of paint.  YAY!

Flamingo 1Flamingo 2IMG_0510

Fun Fact: Don Featherstone of Massachusetts is the inventor of the pink plastic lawn flamingo, which has been gracing lawns since 1957.

While we were waiting for the paint to dry, I read this very good book by Lee Child. Allen and I both love the Jack Reacher series and have read almost all of them. And, Charlie napped on the table. (Typical puppy-dog laziness)

Lee Child "Without Fail"Charlie on the picnic table

Goodbye DEF System! 

So Josh at Fisher’s Shop (the same guy who fixed our glow plug) just took out the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system in the truck last night. No more buying DEF fluid, no more limiting us to 55mph, no more warning lights, plus we will get a whole lot better fuel mileage towing, and it has a lot more power. You can actually hear the turbo now. It’s a little smellier and a tiny bit louder (it was super quiet before).  We just drove about an hour down to Cincinnati and back and the mileage is up to 17.5mpg!

The only real down side is that Josh keeps 3 blue heelers at the shop. I loved on them last time I was there with the glow plug thing and they were super friendly…  So, Allen and I pull in on the bike today to pick up the truck and I say “aw here come the puppies!” as they are running across the lot to greet us. Then one grabs on to my ankle and tries to rip it off my leg!!! While the bike was still moving!!! First time I’ve ever been bitten by a dog in my life!  OUCH!  Allen says it was worth it because he’s happy with the truck.  What a sweet boyfriend I have…

The dreaded “check engine” light…


Since we’ve gotten the truck, a little over a year ago, the “check engine” light has been on and off constantly.  The DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) light has been an issue also, but we finally got that fixed when there was a recall about a month ago in Louisiana.  We drove up to Ohio with no obnoxious warning lights and then the other day… BAM! Here’s the “check engine”.  I stopped at Advance Auto Parts yesterday to have them test it and it came across as code: P0677. Which is the cylinder 7 circuit, that has to do something with a glow plug. From my understanding, diesels have glow plugs instead of spark plugs.  And since we have 8 cylinders, we have 8 glow plugs.  I watched a video on YouTube about how to change these little guys, but it looks a bit too out of our non-mechanical league to attempt ourselves.  So I’m waiting on a call from the Duramax diesel expert in Xenia, Ohio so he can fix it.  Fingers crossed that’s all it is!

UPDATE:  After a half hour drive through scenic Xenia, I arrived at the shop.  Josh at Fisher’s Shop replaced glow plug number 7 and I was on my way… Lucky us! 

Hello world!


Hi, my name is Rachel and I love moving around.  My boyfriend and I travel and live in our camper with a nine pound puppy named Charlie (Charles when she’s in trouble). Over the past couple of years I’ve learned a lot about living on the road, gotten to know some very interesting people, and discovered some neat places. I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for a few months now, so here it finally is!

HomeSweetHomeOnWheels is a place for me to talk about my random musings of things on the road. We like good food, trying different local cuisines, craft beer and playing trivia.  We like to watch NASCAR and go to races when we can.   I love to cook and go to flea markets.  I also like to draw and paint and make puppy clothes.  Yes, puppy clothes. Charlie likes her outfits.

We log a lot of highway miles and stay a lot of different places.  So I wanted a place to share all these experiences, with our friends and family, but also with other RVers… You’ll find RV park reviews, recipes, issues we’ve had with the camper and things we’ve done to improve it, little gems we’ve found on the highway, artsy crafty stuff, and I’m sure a lot more.

Cheers to today! Nothing more, nothing less…