Nebraska Bound!

There’s been some sticky moments these last couple weeks, leaving us a little unsure of what’s next for us. (That’s pretty much always the case but this time was a little different!) It got us thinking, and talking, and planning for the future, and exploring options more in-depth than we had previously. In any case, we are leaving Oklahoma City probably Monday and heading to Nebraska. We are for sure going to miss our friends here, but it’s time to move on. Plus the quarter horse race season here is coming to a close so no more betting the ponies for a while! We ARE going to try and get to the track one last time on Saturday night… Hopefully we win big! If not, at least we will get to say goodbye to some friends we’ve made.

I’m not sure what time we will be leaving so I’ve found a couple options for an overnight stop. I’m not really  keen on KOAs but there aren’t many options along this route… Gotta love Good Sam Trip Planner! 

I can always tell when we’ve been sitting somewhere for a while because our camper starts to get a little cluttered! So it always feels good to get things organized and ready to roll… I’ve been doing just that all morning, organizing the fridge, making sure the Quake HOLD! is secure, dusting, etc.

I made a few calls to campgrounds yesterday near Alliance, Nebraska. I think Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing RV Park is the winner. All pull thru sites, full hook ups, $150/week and $300/month, 30minutes from the tower site… Can’t really beat it!


This is the view of Chimney Rock from the campground. 

I think we will probably be there about 2 weeks, changing an antenna and doing a plumb & tension (that’s where they make sure the tower is straight up and down and the guy wires are tight enough). Carhenge is just north of Alliance and I really want to check that out. It’ll be my first time really living in Mountain Time, and our first time in Nebraska. (I do have lots of projects to work on to keep me busy just in case the weather is crappy and Charlie doesn’t want to spend lots of time outside…) We’ll see how it goes!

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