New Camper Curtains! 

Even Allen likes these!

Last week we removed a seat from our couch and picked up a couple of ottoman bench type storage trunks to go in its place. Allen picked them out, they are black and white and match the contact paper I put on the ends of the kitchen island. img_6008But since the corner was showing, it looked a little plain and I felt like it needed SOMETHING…


That corner was just too plain and it was bugging me… 

So I went wandering down the curtain aisle at Walmart with sheer curtains in mind. But then I found these! img_6204They match the ottomans just about perfectly! So I picked up 2 pairs of panels (40″x84″ each). Then I cut each one in half and hemmed the side. I don’t want to necessarily be able to close the curtains all the way, I just wanted more of an accent for the sides of the windows. I tried to get a good shot before Charlie messed up the couch! But she was pretty quick! 

I’m a lot happier with this corner! 

We hung them on tension rods inside the valances. So if we decide to take them down, we can always do so and there’s no evidence they were even there! Allen had the idea to kind of tuck them into the strings from the blinds to hold them to the side. (Good idea on his part!) So now they don’t blow in the wind like crazy!img_6203I also made all these new pillow covers and I’m really liking them! I found all the fabric at Walmart also (they have some really good deals on fabric).

**Here is a tutorial on how to make envelope style pillow covers**

**Here’s another**

**Here’s how to do piping**

And I’m actually proud of myself for sticking to some sort of “color scheme” instead of just being all across the rainbow! -Like I normally am!


I think these go quite nicely together… 


This is a good representation of the “color scheme” throughout our camper! (If you could call it that)

2 thoughts on “New Camper Curtains! 

  1. My wife has been talking about all the changes she might want to make in a “stock” fifth wheel. Yours is a great example she could follow. Still thinking about if I should send her a link, worried that she might come up with a major list of stuff for me to help with later!

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