Blowing this joint!!!

Goodbye California! Well, we still have 7 days and a wake up! (As my brother would say…) We are getting Charlie out of the parking lot and heading for greener pastures! 4fa5624ca9922c60b5fa80bbf9dc0cc2

The tentative plan a few days ago included leaving here, driving to South Dakota to change our domicile, get a new mailing address, register vehicles, etc. then head on to Dallas for the next job.

But, plans changed as they usually do and the next job is in North Dakota now! So our little stop in South Dakota isn’t really out of the way at all!Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.34.05 PM

I’m excited, I’ve never been to the Dakotas and I’ve never been that far north period. I’m hoping for Allen’s sake if nothing else that we don’t get snow while we are there, but it’ll be an adventure nonetheless.


We have Texas and California now. Allen says we should have New Mexico and Arizona but I say we only count the states that all three of us (Allen, Charlie and I) stay in THIS camper.. And since what I say goes (most of the time-sshhh!) they are not on the map yet!

I love traveling and I get a little hard to deal with (I think) when we sit somewhere for longer than a month or two. I just get antsy and want to get on with it already. And I can’t wait to add to our map!

The tower they are going to be working on was the tallest structure in the world when it was built in 1963. It’s now the 4th tallest structure in the world (after some buildings in Tokyo), THE tallest in the Western Hemisphere and the tallest radio mast in the world. Pretty cool…

 The KVLY-TV mast is in Blanchard, ND (almost exactly halfway between Fargo and Grand Forks). Blanchard has a population of 26. Yep. Small town. And I thought Convent, Louisiana was tiny! (Population 711, right on the Mississippi River)

 The closest RV park is in Hillsboro and that’s a little bigger, population 1,603 in the 2010 census. It’s 1 square mile. There is a family restaurant, a Burger King, a Subway, gas station, grocery store, bakery, and a florist and I think there MAY be 1-3 bars but I can’t really decide if they are still open. From what I gather online, the RV park is also the town laundry mat and a fried chicken place. It should be interesting!

 I’m pretty sure I can walk everywhere in less than 15 minutes (if I don’t let Charlie stop and smell ALL of the roses!)

I know this isnt Charlie and these aren’t roses but I couldn’t resist the adorableness!

I’m super excited to be getting out of the city and out into the country. I get to where I need open spaces after being in a city for too long. I’m excited Charlie will have some grass! And Allen will be glad to get back to real tower work (not just painting and piddling).

Today is full of typical San Francisco fogginess so I’m making my hillbilly chili for dinner and trying out this new recipe for Chili Bread that I found… I’ll let you know if it comes out delicious!

I also made these pillow covers for our friend Brandi back in Kentucky and mailed them to her this week… Her boyfriend went and installed a 50AMP outlet for us so we can stay in their yard during the holidays. Talk about some awesome friends!

 And I made these for us… I’m loving the teal and brown combo…

If you would like to see one of many tutorials on the web, this one by me, you can check out this link or this one!

For now I will leave you with some cuteness… Charlie and her parking lot pals… Cheers!

Cisco the friendly husky pup.


Cisco gets bored and tears things up… For instance, his bed.

Duke and Daisy being lazy

5 thoughts on “Blowing this joint!!!

  1. Sounds like a fun adventure, We are doing our best to head away from snow and cold. The Dakotas in the fall/winter is too much for us. LOL. Will you have to do extra prep for the weather? Safe travels.


    • I hope not! This will be our first winter with this camper. It has heated tanks (that we need to remember to turn on) and a heated underbelly. But I think the campground we are going to charges for electric. So we will probably bypass our electric space heaters and go through some propane! I’m looking forward to seeing how well it’s insulated… We shall see!


      • Hi, sorry for the delayed response but our wifi has been weak. Sounds like you guys are set. We also have heated tanks but I don’t trust that or the floor insulation. We’ve talked to several year rounders who stay north and they have used RV skirts to help keep outside air from under their rigs. Some have used small ceramic heaters, etc. We are near Williams, AZ right now and expect temps into the low 30’s and upper 20’s. Hopefully, our heating works well.
        We just left an RV park that charged for electricity. The rates were very high, 12cents a KWH. Keep us up to date on how you guys do with the cold and good luck!!


      • The park we are going to stay in charges electric also after a certain amount. We were in Oklahoma City last year through the winter and dealt with frozen water lines and a frozen toilet in our last camper… No fun at all! There were a few people who had RV skirts or put plywood sheets around the base. I don’t think we will have that many issues in this one as everything is enclosed. And we should be out of North Dakota before Thanksgiving, so hopefully it won’t get super cold before then!


      • If you are gone by Thanksgiving I bet you will be fine with the temperatures. Our plan has us in Florida shortly after Thanksgiving so I doubt we will have too much cold weather to worry about. We haven’t been in North Dakota and are curious about what you think. We are already trying to plan our possible next year stops.


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