Surviving Minnesota

Comfort food is helping us survive Minnesota for sure! I’ve been making a lot of soups and warm meals for us lately. I even made a huge crock pot full of vegetable soup for Allen to take to work and share with the guys earlier this week.img_2478

Here are a couple things I’ve made this week…

img_2477-1Country Green Beans & Potatoes

img_2475-1Easy (not peasy) Broccoli Cheese Soup

Charlie & Eustace have been loving the sunshine and 30 something temps, but today just feels downright gloomy… They’ve been snoozing most of the day.

We had a mobile rv tech come out yesterday. He replaced the motor on our Schwintek slide that Lippert sent to us, brought the new clips for the outside ladder (the pop rivets were coming apart so they sent these clips to go overtop of them-we had already welded ours together over a year ago for this same reason). 

And he ordered the outdoor temperature sensor from Dometic to fix our heat pump on the main air conditioner. He was very professional, on time, and knowledgeable, and didn’t seem to mind that I was nosy about everything in case we have the same issues in the future. If you need service in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, I’d highly recommend Koehnen Mobile RV. He is coming back some time next week once the Dometic part arrives. Then hopefully this job will be about over and we will get to move on to a warmer climate!

I’ve been getting lots of cards out for Valentine’s Day and birthdays to Sunshine Snail Mail kiddos (Kids with cancer or other illnesses, and siblings of angels mostly.) So that’s one good thing about being cooped up… 

2 thoughts on “Surviving Minnesota

  1. What is your opinion of Schwintek slides now that you have owned them for awhile? They caught a bad reputation a few years back. I talked to a factory guy and some others recently who both agreed the issue was they were not installed correctly by the RV manufacturers which is something Lippert fixed. But I still tend to look for smaller slides having cables until I learn more.

    Also interested if the heat pump option was worth it for the price?

    Stay warm!

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    • Hi Mark. The Schwintek slides seem a little finicky. Ours tends to get misaligned fairly often. It’s easy enough to fix it (after Emily Stahley at Lippert showed us how this past summer). And now that I watched the mobile tech change the motor, that seems very doable also. We’ve seen the slides with the cables and actually asked if they were better than the schwintek. But the dealer we spoke with thought they were all about the same, they all had their drawbacks.
      When we decided to get this camper, we bought it off the lot. We never even thought to order it with or without specific upgrades. It happened to have everything we had wanted and nothing we didn’t, including the heat pump. I’m not sure what the cost difference was between one with or without the heat pump but so far we’ve loved it. It works down to about 40 degrees and pumps a lot of heat. Along with the fireplace, that’s all we need until it drops below that 40* mark, then we want the furnace to run anyway to keep the underbelly and water lines warm.

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