Allen’s Crazy Tower Job

This would be how we pay the bills.  He loves it.  I love that he loves it.  I could never do it.

He works for a small company based out of Texas.  They build, take down, and fix broadcast towers.  There aren’t many people who do what they do.  They get called for the biggest and toughest jobs that nobody else wants to do or nobody else can do.  Allen has worked all over the United States and Canada, he’s been to Africa and to India.  They are supposed to go back to India at some point in the future for possibly a 10 month project.

Here are some pictures of things they’ve worked on, and  a couple of links to videos and news clips online that they’ve been in.


Sutro Tower in San Francisco


Sutro Tower in San Francisco


View of Sutro Tower from Candlestick RV Park


Near Midland, GA

Working in India

Working in India

2 thoughts on “Allen’s Crazy Tower Job

  1. Let me just say two things. 1. Hell to the NO! 2. Why does he wear a helmet? Is that really going to help if they fall? Love you guys and reading your adventures!

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    • Well let’s hope he never falls for one! And if someone drops a bolt from above, he better have a helmet on. Also, how many times would you bump your head climbing around on a giant jungle jim of steel?? But, I agree with your #1-I could never do it!


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