Living Room Makeover!

Our camper came with one giant long couch. It had 4 theater seats with leg rests that reclined. The two ends had cup holders, heat and massage. img_6121
But most of the time there’s only the two of us, and Charlie of course. img_6122So 4 seats was a bit much. We decided to remove one of the middle ones and scoot them together to make it more comfy for us. But then we were left with an empty space on the end.



We went to Ross this morning and got lucky! We found these trunk-slash-ottoman-slash-storage benches for a good price and they fit perfectly! Now we have somewhere to keep the central vac attachments too… (That’s been bugging me for a while.)


This is the smaller one with the central vac bag-o-attachments in it.


I think I’m going to put things in here when we travel. Such as the paper towel holder, and I haven’t thought of anything else yet!

AND they can be moved around easily for more seating if we have people over. AND the trunks match the contact paper I have on the island so that’s a plus! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.04.00 AM


I picked up 
these throw blankets at Walmart last week for about $2 each. Walmart has a good selection of fabric also for really good prices. So I got some to make these pillow covers. Here’s a tutorial on how to make pillow covers if you’re interested!

**I’ve since added curtains to the living room windows! You can see that here


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