Contact Papering Our Camper!

I’ve been itching to add some pizazz to our camper for a while now… We have a 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH. My itch has gotten especially bad since I joined this Facebook group about RV interiors and I’m seeing what everyone else is doing… It’s not bad the way it is, but it’s a little plain. I love color. I love bright colors. And I like funky things that don’t necessarily match. I’ve already made some pretty pillow covers to brighten up the couch, (and some to give as gifts), but I feel like I still could do more. (Allen on the other had would be totally fine if everything was brown. Or gray. I’m lucky he loves me.)

It seems like everyone and their mom has been using these peel and stick tiles to add a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Those are pretty expensive when you add it up, plus there’s a wider variety of contact paper available to choose from!

I did lots of searching on Amazon after browsing Pinterest for ideas. I really liked these…

I found lots of things I loved and had to narrow it down so I didn’t spend our ENTIRE tax Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.52.36 AMrefund check on decorating! (We still really need a new bed!) I wound up getting the sticky tiles for the bathroom only, to go behind the toilet. “Smart Tiles” are the major name brand that lots of folks have been using and swear by, but I’ve also hear good things about “Tic Tac Tile” and they are less expensive so that’s the brand I went with. Here’s the ones I ordered from Amazon.

We have this “jimmy jankster” (a cabinet that passes through from the living room to the garage) and some of the frost on the inside of the glass has gotten scratched. We also don’t have many mirrors in the camper at all so I wanted to put some Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.57.19 AMmirrored contact paper overtop of it. I found this stuff and it should be enough to cover the glass panels in our bedroom door also.

Allen was napping while I was perusing Amazon so I decided to just get a bunch of stuff. I want to cover the frosted glass cabinets above the tv that hold our dvds. And put contact paper on the end caps of the island. Also, I really loved the contact paper on the steps, so I’m going to do that. And the inside of the bathroom medicine cabinet, and the bathroom drawers. I think I’ll have enough to make a sort of backsplash in the half bath also. I’m excited! It’s all supposed to arrive today and I’ll get started on it! (I did some super cleaning, dusting, and organizing yesterday taking before pictures so I’m ready!)

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