All Seasons RV Park in Goddard, Kansas

We made it to Kansas yesterday! We checked in to All Seasons RV Park (near Wichita) around 2:30pm and got set up. 

Rent here is $155/week or $330/month. We opted for a month considering how these “2 week jobs” have been going… They charge electric at 13cents/kW but I don’t imagine our bill will be extremely high with the mild temperatures in the forecast. I can’t wait to open some windows finally! And I can’t wait to put the patio down and let the pups out on their own…

The sites are rather close together, but for the price, we can’t complain much. I can’t decide if I’d rather have a sewer connection right outside the door, or someone else’s front door right outside ours… 

The camper is filthy and covered with salt and road grime, but there’s no rain in the forecast and no washing RVs in the park so we will just have to deal with it for now.

There’s a dog walking area with some trails right behind us so that’s convenient. Eustace is having allergy attacks (his first visit to Kansas). Charlie had them too the first time we went to Oklahoma City (Abe’s RV Park) so at least I know not to worry too much. If they continue I might give him some Benadryl but he seems a little better today. They are both almost due for their check ups and vaccines (Charlie-her yearly, and Eustace-his 6 months) so I’ll probably take them while we are here. I have them both a Trifexis this morning so hopefully we won’t have to deal with ticks like we did this time last year in OKC!

I’ll be posting a real review after a while, but it’s still too early to get a real feel for he place just yet.

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