Work, play, and more work!

I left off with a post before the Super Bowl. I can’t believe it’s been that long! But we’ve been busy, each in our own way…

The Xenia job was a mess from the start so what was supposed to take 2 weeks, actually took 5! We stayed at Frontier Campground in Waynesville, Ohio for the 2nd time. Waynesville is about an hour from our hometown, so we had our friends come up for a night to hang out. That was a blast!

We’ve all been friends for about 20 years! (Katie, me, Allen, Brandi)

We grilled a bacon-wrapped pork loin with garlicky green beans and foil packet potatoes. It was a really good time, much needed catching up.

The following day we had my mom and our friend Shawn up for the day. We had a fire and hung out with the puppies. They both got bark collars because they are loud little banshees for no reason. They seem to be working… Even though we felt bad at first, I think it’s going to make all our lives more enjoyable! Allen had to work (he actually didn’t have many days off at all) but we made dinner when he got home. Cajun boil on the grill that was a huge hit and amazingly delicious!

Allen brought his kids up one weekend, we had some guys from work over, along with my mom and Danny grilled his famous ribs!

Danny and I

My mom came to pick me and the pups up one weekend when Allen had to work Sunday. I was only going to stay with her for the weekend but we got to drinking and she fell out of a chair… After X-rays and an MRI it turned out she fractured her shoulder! So I stayed at her house for two weeks and we actually got a lot accomplished… We burned all her old bills from years ago and cleaned the carpet (that was all Eusy’s fault).

All these shoe boxes were full of old papers! 7 years worth!

Black Balloon Day was March 6th. We hung our balloons out to raise awareness for addiction, and in remembrance of my brother.

When we were burning old bills, one of the letters my brother had written me accidentally got mixed in. I managed to get it out of the fire, and when it stopped burning, it was in the shape of a heart…

Eustace dug a giant hole in the yard so my mom made him sit in it.

While my mom was recovering I was going to work with her every day. She cleans a bar every single morning and she cleans houses. She works hard. Harder than I realized. I’m completely not used to all that work, but we got it done! I think I’m an expert mopper now.

This is what I looked like just about every morning around 9am when we were finished!

I got back home Sunday, when we found out we were going to Kansas for the next job.

They loaded a truck Monday and we left Waynesville Monday night. We are currently in Missouri, heading for All Seasons RV Park in Goddard, KS. It’s only about 15 minutes from the job site and we SHOULD be there about 2 weeks… Tentatively. We’ll see how that goes! But the lady seemed really nice when I called yesterday, so I’ll be posting a review soon.

Also, I just drove and pulled the camper for the first time! I’m proud of myself!

Allen is a really good picture taker, can you tell?!

So far Eustace has chewed through his new collar, and then through the new harness we got him! Charlie is being a perfect angel, the little seasoned traveler that she is. 

5 thoughts on “Work, play, and more work!

  1. All you guys look great… even with that overlooked glazed look!
    But I think Eustace fully intended to sit in that hole he dug anyway… so your mom got Brier Rabbited on that hole punishment.

    I dont know how Allen can climb these towers in this cold weather!

    Must require a good chili recipe… (probably without beans??? LOL… or does it???). Do you have one?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to Missouri! Hope you mom heals fast. Got to drinking and feel out of a chair – what…

    Your brother’s letter burning into the shape of a heart is way cool. There is meaning in a lot of things if one finds it. That’s really special.

    Liked by 1 person

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