Quick, Easy & Cheesy Dinner Idea!

Allen put this on the “make again” list, so I know it’s not too bad!

Whenever I know, or think, we will be traveling, I try to plan meals that are quick to make, and quick to clean up. The last thing I want when we are on the move is a sink full of dirty dishes to worry about on top of everything else!

I also try to buy ingredients that won’t spoil right away, just in case our plans change and I don’t wind up cooking when I thought I would. (So no fresh meat that might go bad if it’s not prepared in 2-3 days…)

So, that’s how this recipe came about for my Quick, Easy & Cheesy Sausage, Broccoli & Potato Skillet! It requires one skillet, and the chopping of one ingredient… Go get the recipe!

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