Betting the Ponies!

While my mom was here, we went down to Remington Park Racetrack to bet the ponies. It was our first time going, surprisingly! We had dinner at Bricktown Brewery then headed downstairs and out to the paddock to watch the races and place some bets.

The next day we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory with our friends Karen and Bob, who own the campground.

But we had so much fun at the track, we decided to go again this Friday. Abe’s RV Park, where we are staying, is full of horse people. Trainers, jockeys, vets, oh my…!

Last year our next door neighbor was Mr. Livingston. He’s a trainer from Kansas. I somehow convinced him to take me to work with him one day. I got up at 6am to scoop horse poo and brush some tails. (I’m not a farm/country girl by any means but it was still fun.)

He’s here again this year so Friday we met him at the track. One of the horses in the second race was trained by Mr. Livingston’s friend Larry, and ridden by James-a jockey here in the park that has a little dog Charlie likes. He also has a pearl white truck that I like. Anyhow, I placed my bet on Cydney Lou Who and she won! Mr. Livingston took us out to the winner’s circle and next thing I knew there were pictures being taken. We were in it! So Larry got us a copy to take home. I felt a little bit famous!


Larry is on the left. Kasey is on the right. James is on the horse. Mr. Livingston is next to Allen and I behind the wall on the right.

We also saw Steve, he’s Kevin the bulldog’s father, and he weighs the jockeys before each race. We just about closed the bar and didn’t lose too much money Friday! We had enough for Saturday too! So yesterday we followed Mr. Livingston down before the races started and went to the barn with him. We got to pet all 6 of his ponies that are staying at the track while he fed them and what not. Apolitical Flight ran in the fourth race so I spent some time with him. Turns out the owner of that horse is from Hillsboro, ND! We stayed there back in November for work at the Hillsboro Campground. I sent a message to Audra, a girl we met there, asking if she happened to know the owner, Terry Reed. She did! He bought her a beer last week at Granny’s (a little bar in town). What a small world!

I love the track now and I really can’t believe we hadn’t gone before!

Apolitical Flight


Your Favorite

But next week, Mr. Livingston’s  Ira Hayes is running (he’s one of the ones I brushed last year so we have a little history together…) AND it’s the weekend where they run ostriches and zebras and miniature donkeys! I can’t wait!

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