The Best Visitor EVER! 

My mom is visiting! She flew in on Saturday and leaves Sunday. We’ve been having lots of fun, and so I haven’t had much time for the ole blog… But she’s napping now so I thought I’d throw a post out there.  

 Sunday was super nice… Sunny and warm and just all around beautiful. We enjoyed the weather with some cocktails & grilled some pork chops & veggies. Allen didn’t work crazy late so that was pretty awesome too.

 Monday was a little (okay, a lot) scary… My mom started having chest pains so we went to the ER. She had a heart attack last June so we definitely wanted to have everything checked out. All the tests came back normal, thank goodness!

 That night we took it pretty easy. We went to Fish City for dinner. Their oyster nachos are fantastically delicious. Unfortunately they were out of fresh boiled crawfish so my mom got away without trying those!

 Yesterday Allen had a wind day at work. 50mph gusts are no bueno for tower work! My mom and I went to get a pedicure in the morning. I needed one!

 We took Charlie and Rebel to the vet in the afternoon for yearly exams and vaccines. Poor Rebel had a bunch of nasty gunk in his ears and a yeast infection under all that… He got some ear medicine to take home that I’m going to use for the next two weeks. They were both sore at the injection sites but Charlie seemed especially sore and sick and just not herself. So today I called the vet and took her in. He gave her some antihistamine in a shot form then some oral anti inflammatory (I also got some of that to bring home). She’s already feeling so much better. I was a little scared for a minute there. Poor puppies.

 Tonight, Survivor is on so I’m going to cook fried rice and we will watch tv. Tomorrow we are taking my mom to Cattleman’s Steakhouse down at the stockyards. Hopefully Karen and Bob (the owners of the campground we are at: Abe’s RV Park) will be able to meet us for dinner also. I’m pretty excited for her to get the best steak of her entire life!

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