For Amanda

This post doesn’t have anything to do with the topics that I normally write about. It doesn’t have anything to do with RVing, camping, cooking, anything DIY related, or Charlie, even though I’m sure we can all agree that she’s really cute!

This post is for my cousin Amanda. 12615618_1739715262928337_5988246104381499999_o Continue reading

No More Popping Jacks

The leveling jacks on our camper have made an obnoxious “popping” noise (along with movement) since day one! We have a 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH that we bought back in March of last year. Apparently the “level-up” automatic hydraulic leveling system by Lippert is known for “popping”. Continue reading

Open Letter to My Brothers Drug Dealer. 

Old Soul's Diary

As much as I don’t want to, I find myself wondering about you from time to time.Are you someones brother, uncle, mother or lover?

You’re obviously the child to two parents but did they hold you, show love and leave footprints to walk through?

Surely that’s not the case because then you’d know how ruined they’d be if they ever lost you. You could never consciously assist someones child in suicide, right?

But maybe you’re like me, knowing the aftermath too well way too soon.

Did grief ruin you?

Rot away part of your heart, or brain, because it’s a comman misconception that all addicts are emotionless.

My brother certainly wasn’t but you surely knew that.

Or maybe you never took the time to see the true him because that would just complicate your entire mission.

Well, if you had taken that chance you’d understand that I’m the inspiration for…

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It’s in writing!

That makes my blog official maybe?? We finally got some vinyl letters to put on the back of our camper!   Continue reading

Very 1st Blogging Slump…

So I’m pretty sure I’ve hit my first slump in the world of blogging. I’ve had this thing going since May and for the most part, posting has come fairly easy. Whether it’s something about moving to a new state, some recipe I tried, a project I started, cute pictures of the pup… I’ve always had SOMETHING to ramble on about!  Continue reading

Project Overload!

Lately I’ve been joining lots of Facebook groups related to RVs and campers… RV Interior Ideas, Fulltime RVers, Grand Design Owners, etc… I’m not sure it’s such a good idea because now I have a WHOLE BUNCH of things I want to do to our camper!  Continue reading