DIY Spool Table

Apparently February in Oklahoma City is the perfect time for outdoor DIY projects! 75 degrees! I’ll take it!

Allen’s really sick today (not the flu but some other kind of nasty virus… We went to the ER at 5:30am after being awake most of the night! -poor baby) but yesterday I was lucky enough to get him to drill a few holes for me. He actually got me my own adorable tool set for Valentine’s Day but it didn’t come with a drill to drill holes, only to tighten stuff… So he still has to help me out here and there!

When we left Dallas for Baton Rouge about a month or so ago, we had to bring these 3 spools of rope with us for work. So we wound up with one empty spool that was still in tact once they got the rope off. It wasn’t a super heavy, metal, sturdy thing like you normally think of, so it actually worked out really well for our camper lifestyle!

 It’s basically made of plywood on either side with a piece of pvc pipe running up the middle, held together by three long all thread bolts and a couple nuts. It’s hollow in the middle with holes in the wood in either end.

I took it all apart then stained the two end pieces a dark brown color. I wanted to still see the printing through the stain. I also wanted to somehow cover the hole in the middle. I didn’t want a table with a hole in it! We had some aluminum left from when we redid the underbelly of the camper so I had Allen cut me a triangle of that and drill some holes in it for the bolts. I painted the pvc, aluminum and rusty nuts and bolts with silver and black spray paint that we had to kind of give it a rustic, old metal, look and feel. When I put it all together it was still wobbly from having those nuts on the bottom in the middle stick out.

U-Bolts fixed the wobble. I like how they look too. I wanted to add something else but Allen says to leave it as is.

Overall I’m happy with it!

Now it’s time for a beer! Cheers!

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