It’s in writing!

That makes my blog official maybe?? We finally got some vinyl letters to put on the back of our camper!  Well, we’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now but not really actively trying to get them until recently. (Many thanks to a fellow Grand Design owner named Cynthia who made them for us!) 

The was a little too much so we took it off. I was actually surprised how easily the letters peeled up…

 We started to use my hair dryer to heat them up some but we really didn’t need it…

  Once we got them off we cleaned the area with Windex, decided where the new decal would go and stuck it on there. Easy breezy!

  I’m happy with it, now I just can’t wait to drive somewhere! Right now only the truckers can see it from the 5 Star Truck Wash right behind Abe’s RV Park!

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