Very 1st Blogging Slump…

So I’m pretty sure I’ve hit my first slump in the world of blogging. I’ve had this thing going since May and for the most part, posting has come fairly easy. Whether it’s something about moving to a new state, some recipe I tried, a project I started, cute pictures of the pup… I’ve always had SOMETHING to ramble on about! 

But I’m really just at a loss for some interesting content. I’ve had some failed attempts at some new recipes. I’ve been working on a couple DIY projects but not enough to really document. We’ve been hanging out with our buddies that own the campground we’re staying in, we’ve been out to dinner a couple times with them and that’s always fun! Oklahoma City is as windy as ever so there’s nothing new there. Our financial outlook doesn’t look like beach front property and sunbathing is in the near future!

Anyway, hopefully I hop out of this slump soon and get back at the ole blogosphere…

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