Charlie needs a brother!

I was woken up at 5:30 on this beautiful Saturday morning Friday morning to some pathetic whining sounds coming from our beloved puppy, Charles. That distinctive whine only comes out when she either wants on the bed but the ottoman is pushed in or she needs to go outside. The ottoman was out and waiting for her little paws so I put my jacket and shoes on and hooked her up on her leash.

I really want this hoodie!

The campground we are in is right next to a truck stop. You get the occasional “lot lizard” (I just very recently found out what that meant!) hanging out and once in a while cutting through. And it was dark. So I didn’t want to let her out with no leash. Sometimes we do and she’s usually pretty good and stays close but I didn’t want to risk it.

Anyway so we are standing there and she’s acting confused like she forgot why she wanted to come outside in the first place. Next thing I know this little animal runs up to her. At first I thought it was a raccoon but then I saw it was brown then I’m thinking its a mean, wild cat… Then I realize it’s the puppy from the camper next door. Whew!

and I want this puppy carrier!

His name is “Rebel” and his dad said he’s about 9months old. He looks like he’s part wiener dog (I guess dachshund would be the PC term, but then again I don’t think lot lizard is even in the realm of PC)… Back to Rebel. Maybe he’s part chihuahua but I don’t really see it. He’s super cute and playful. And Charlie gets along great with him! She’s a little choosy when it comes to pups she really truly likes and ones she just tolerates. For instance, I can pet Rebel and he can jump on me and she doesn’t get all snarky with him. Sometimes she can be downright rude when she gets jealous or protective. But she really likes him. I’m pretty sure he really likes her too and I don’t think he’s fixed 😳 but she kept him in line!

When Charlie gets excited she will run 100mph, no lie, she’s fast! And when she’s on her leash she runs laps around me, while I just spin in circles as if there’s a horse on the other end! So we stayed outside until almost 6am when Rebel’s dad came out and got him because he was leaving for work.

I’ve looked this up before and I know there are some shelters that will let you “borrow” a dog, or try it out, test drive it basically, for a couple days to see if you’re all a good fit for each other before permanently adopting. I think that’s what I want to do to get Charlie a brother. Now, I would take Rebel in a hot second if his dad would give him up! There was also a pup named Max down in Palm Beach, Florida about a year ago that we would’ve taken in a heartbeat too because he got along so well with Charlie.

Now, my only obstacles are: a) finishing up convincing Allen that we need another one, I say finishing up because the seed was planted a while ago so he’s about ready to agree… And b) finding a shelter that will let us test drive a new addition to make sure our fur babies will be compatible…

Other than working on obstacle “a” this weekend, we are going to try and hit the OKC RV show. Allen worked yesterday til about 4:30 then last night from 11-3:30. He has to go in at noon today but it’s supposed to rain this afternoon into this evening so we’ll see what happens. I don’t think night work would be so bad if you had a straight week of it, but working days AND nights is kinda crazy…

Well, enjoy your Saturday Friday everyone!  See, Allen working nights messes MY DAYS up!

4 thoughts on “Charlie needs a brother!

  1. Karen used to provide foster car for Cocker Spaniels. Seems like we had a new dog every few weeks. That’s another idea. Some of the rescue programs are nationwide, or at least some of the dogs she cared for were later sent out of state to new homes. The new dogs got along fine with our own dog, however we kept them in a crate for a short time just to make sure.

    The picture that goes along with my signature is our dog Ringo. He was a foster that we ended up keeping for Huck’s playmate/brother or whatever.

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    • I think fostering would be a great idea if we were more stationary. But moving so often and most of the time only having a day or so notice, I don’t think would work out too well. Plus I think my heart would break whenever I had to get rid of one!


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