Mirror Wall Decor & Cute Puppies

Our “house” is a 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH (aka a big fifth wheel camper with a garage in the back-here’s a tour of it if you’re interested). Outside the bathroom there is just a blank wall. I personally think they should’ve put a window there, but I didn’t build the thing. I’ve had my eye on these mirrored wall decorations for quite a while now.

They come in all different designs and sizes. They are acrylic so if they happen to fall off while we are driving, at least they won’t shatter like a normal mirror would. I found these options on Dezign With a Z.  They are pretty pricey though! The circles are $85. The other one’s are more than that! So I’ve been holding off.

This past weekend we went to Walmart to go grocery shopping. We split up when we got in the store, which is always a bad idea because our “grocery” bill about doubles every time we do that! I headed to the kitchen and home department and Allen went back to the RV section (for some reason he always thinks something new is going to appear) then over to the movies-which is always expensive!

I got one of those old school rugs that my grandma used to have in her kitchen. Allen said his mom used to have them too. I’ve been wanting one and they were less than $4! Then I went over to home improvement to look for some kind of glue that will hold these stupid pieces of trim to the wall. They are all popping loose and the only way we can get in there to nail them back to the wall is to take a couch section out. I’m trying to avoid all that hassle.

I didn’t find glue. But I DID find some mirrored wall art! Circles, 12 of them, for $7! Score!

So we hung up paper circles trying to figure out how we wanted them arranged. We never did agree but of course they ended up going how I wanted them to go. **wink wink** I’m the one who went to art school after all so I felt like my opinion held a little more weight!

I’m really liking them, and I sort of want to get some more. One fell down after two days though, so I think I need some double sided tape.

In between moving paper circles around on the wall, the neighbor’s puppy, Rebel, came over to play.

I love this little dog! So does Charlie. She did get a tad bit snarky when he tried to get on the couch next to her daddy… We will definitely have to work on that with whatever sibling she gets. I talked to Rebel’s dad on Saturday and offered to puppy-sit during the day while he’s at work. He was all for it and said he’d been wanting to ask me but felt weird about it.

I REALLY hope his dad says, “hey, do you just want to keep him since Charlie likes him so much?”… That would be very cool! But, Allen says, and I agree, that I’m probably getting my hopes up for nothing. So I’m trying not to think about that!

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