Black Balloon Day

Today, March 6th, is “Black Balloon Day”. It was started by Lauren Hurley, who lost her brother-in-law to a drug overdose on March 6th, 2015.  

my balloons


my mom’s balloon


Lauren and her mother hope one day March 6th will be recognized as Black Balloon Day across the world to raise awareness, bring people hope, and let them know they aren’t alone.
“To show them they aren’t the only people (that) lost a parent or (lost) their children. Every day this is happening,” she says. “Even if one person sees a balloon and thinks ‘I could be the person that someone could be hanging the balloon out for’…in my eyes we did something right.”

The goal is for anyone who has been affected by this disease to hang a black balloon outside their door, and use the hashtag #blackballoonday on social media.

My balloons are for both of my brothers and one of my friends. Most recently I lost my brother Adam. That still sucks really bad and sometimes feels like it was just yesterday. Maybe he can see my balloon… I miss you sweetheart.


3 thoughts on “Black Balloon Day

  1. What a beautiful way to remember and bring awareness. Although I lost my brother to a car accident and not substance abuse, I have an ex-spouse that still struggles from drug addiction and was, in all ways that was him except his physical form, lost to us many years ago. The heartache is real and the struggle is horrific and the loss is indescribable. Very heartfelt piece and my heart feels for you. Dawn

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    • Thank you so much. I have a really hard time putting it into words… Maybe because it is indescribable. You said it perfect. I really truly believe that addiction is a family disease. I struggled for years trying to get my brother the help he needed, all while feeling helpless in the process.

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