The Pony Fund

We’ve been putting money aside, saving up to get a DirecTv dish. (They aren’t cheap but we want to be able to watch the Cincinnati Bengals wherever we are!) However, I’m taking the liberty of changing the name of that to The Pony Fund! Last weekend we went to the races at Remington Park Friday and Sunday! (I’m loving every minute of it!)

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Betting the Ponies!

While my mom was here, we went down to Remington Park Racetrack to bet the ponies. It was our first time going, surprisingly! We had dinner at Bricktown Brewery then headed downstairs and out to the paddock to watch the races and place some bets. Continue reading

Thetford RV Toilet valve seal replacement 

Disclaimer: If you don’t have an RV, this probably won’t be interesting to you. 

Recently our toilet stopped holding water. The seal had obviously went bad and stopped “sealing”. I called Thetford and they sent us a new valve seal under warranty. So we had to put that thing on this past week. It wasn’t terrible, just kind of gross.   Continue reading