The Pony Fund

We’ve been putting money aside, saving up to get a DirecTv dish. (They aren’t cheap but we want to be able to watch the Cincinnati Bengals wherever we are!) However, I’m taking the liberty of changing the name of that to The Pony Fund! Last weekend we went to the races at Remington Park Friday and Sunday! (I’m loving every minute of it!)

Sunday was “Extreme Racing Day” and that was a blast!

Today I went to work with our neighbor Mr. Livingston. He’s a quarter horse trainer. A pretty damn good one too, and a super nice guy. We went to the track first where I met Byrna, a groomer who’s been working for him for a few weeks. She was really nice. I groomed 2 horses. Corona Rattler, who I met last year, and Gramma Ella. She was supposed to run tomorrow night but she’s hurt. Somehow she hit her leg on a fence when she got spooked Sunday and he doesn’t want her to have a bad experience so he scratched her.

Her sister, Gramma Alice was at the farm when we went to see the other horses later in the morning. Eyra Hayes was there, as well as Apolitical Flight, who both ran a week or two ago. Mr. Livingston took a few of them to the practice track to try and get them used to the gate…

I got to pet a chicken! Well, a rooster. He let me touch his feet (they feel like brick) and his comb. He was the calmest, tamest rooster I’ve ever seen! I guess the ones with feathers on their legs are usually calmer… img_5867

Now I want a kitten too… (Somehow I don’t think Allen is going to go for it!)

Lastly, Mr. Livingston let me ride Harry the pony horse! I rode him last year too, but only in a ring, and we didn’t do so well together. (I also had to muck a bunch of stalls last year before I rode him…) This time was a whole lot better! I’m totally in love with all these horses and now I really want one, so “The Pony Fund” has been created!

I think if Allen and I buy a good racehorse and let Mr. Livingston train him, he’ll be a champion. Then we will make enough money to buy another one. And together they’ll make enough for us to buy our campground! -I hope…

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