Yummy Food & Cuteness

Let’s start with the cuteness…

 On to the yummy: So last week at the store I picked up a Taste of Home Grilling magazine. One of the best magazines EVER so far! It’s been warming up a lot here in Oklahoma City, and on days when it’s NOT pouring down rain at dinnertime, we’ve been taking advantage and using the grill.

Earlier this week I made Cajun Boil on the Grillto die for! 

 Last night we had Fire Beef with Garlicky Grilled Green BeansSO good! Allen was especially happy to have beef. (We don’t enjoy red meat all that often and very rarely at home.) But this stuff was an exception and we’ll definitely be having this meal again!

Tonight I’m making Chicken Caesar Pita Pockets. They look delish, so we’ll see.

 I’m hoping Friday we wind up at Remington watching the races, where we can grab a bite at Henry Hudson’s… Then Sunday is the Extreme Racing with zebras and camels and ostriches and miniature donkeys and pigs… I can’t wait! Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.24.46 AM.png

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