Hello world!


Hi, my name is Rachel and I love moving around.  My boyfriend and I travel and live in our camper with a nine pound puppy named Charlie (Charles when she’s in trouble). Over the past couple of years I’ve learned a lot about living on the road, gotten to know some very interesting people, and discovered some neat places. I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for a few months now, so here it finally is!

HomeSweetHomeOnWheels is a place for me to talk about my random musings of things on the road. We like good food, trying different local cuisines, craft beer and playing trivia.  We like to watch NASCAR and go to races when we can.   I love to cook and go to flea markets.  I also like to draw and paint and make puppy clothes.  Yes, puppy clothes. Charlie likes her outfits.

We log a lot of highway miles and stay a lot of different places.  So I wanted a place to share all these experiences, with our friends and family, but also with other RVers… You’ll find RV park reviews, recipes, issues we’ve had with the camper and things we’ve done to improve it, little gems we’ve found on the highway, artsy crafty stuff, and I’m sure a lot more.

Cheers to today! Nothing more, nothing less…


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