Goodbye DEF System! 

So Josh at Fisher’s Shop (the same guy who fixed our glow plug) just took out the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system in the truck last night. No more buying DEF fluid, no more limiting us to 55mph, no more warning lights, plus we will get a whole lot better fuel mileage towing, and it has a lot more power. You can actually hear the turbo now. It’s a little smellier and a tiny bit louder (it was super quiet before).  We just drove about an hour down to Cincinnati and back and the mileage is up to 17.5mpg!

The only real down side is that Josh keeps 3 blue heelers at the shop. I loved on them last time I was there with the glow plug thing and they were super friendly…  So, Allen and I pull in on the bike today to pick up the truck and I say “aw here come the puppies!” as they are running across the lot to greet us. Then one grabs on to my ankle and tries to rip it off my leg!!! While the bike was still moving!!! First time I’ve ever been bitten by a dog in my life!  OUCH!  Allen says it was worth it because he’s happy with the truck.  What a sweet boyfriend I have…

2 thoughts on “Goodbye DEF System! 

    • Thanks Ingrid! Granted, that mileage was JUST driving, not hauling anything, but it’s still better than before. We were only getting about 9mpg pulling the camper, we will be hitting the road in the next week or so, and that will be the true test!

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