Leaving Lynnville

We left Lynnville Park Campground in Indiana this morning. We had a really nice spot this time, and rent is only $130/week for a 50amp FHU pull thru… Allen has to start work in Jacksonville on Friday so we have a couple days to get there. 

Whenever he works at the shop, I feel like we have so much more free time than normal. He works 8 hour days Monday-Friday so it’s a whole lot less than we are both used to. Friday he surprised me with tickets to see Lee Brice, Justin Moore and Brett Young in concert at the Ford Center in Evansville! It was so much fun! We hadn’t been to a big country concert since the last time we were in Jacksonville almost 4 years ago!

The rest of the weekend we did some maintenance on the camper. Allen washed the roof and applied a UV coating called 303. You spray it on with a squirt bottle then rub it in and wipe it off. We put it on the slide seals as well to keep them in good condition. We sprayed the slide tracks and rails with some CRC and Allen touched up some rusty areas back by the garage ramp door with rust stop spray paint

This morning we packed it up and hit the road! We are heading to Compass RV Park about 45 minutes south of the tower site in Jacksonville. I called 12 RV parks before I found one with an available spot! There must be something fun going on this weekend that I don’t know about… We will be there until Monday then have to chase the truck to Tampa for the next job (that’s the plan as of now anyway)!

7 thoughts on “Leaving Lynnville

  1. We really liked the Jacksonville beach when we were there years ago. Seems like it was a county beach where we were able to drive out on it. We went on down to Saint Augustine from there.

    Did it make it harder to find a spot because of the size of your trailer? You had mentioned there must be something going on in the area as a possible reason.

    We are still trying to decide on length of trailer. We know we want to stay in the 35 to 40′ length. We could not find anything we wanted to fulltime in less than 35′. We were thinking something shorter might allow for a better selection in a park. We can get our choice of trailers/floor plan down to 11 if we stick between 35 and 38′. The selection is up to 29 different floor plan combinations if we go out to 40′ in length. Got a year to decide. I’ve read all the pros and cons on the topic and follow a dozen blogs where folks have longer trailers. I’m nervous also with the increase in people buying trailers that could hurt finding a spot. Although I’m hoping by traveling during the week and setting up before the weekend will be an advantage over the typical vacationers or weekenders. What are you finding the case to be?

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    • The length of the camper had nothing to do with not finding a spot this time, they were all just booked solid. A few places had a spot open Thursday but not for the weekend. We don’t typically stay in what you would consider vacation destinations so there’s usually not a problem as far as that’s concerned. I worry mostly when we work in Florida in the winter during snowbird season, and when we were out in San Francisco (it’s always packed with tourists out there and there aren’t many parks to choose from that are any kind of close to the city). We’ve stayed at Fleetwood RV Park in Jacksonville in the past so that was the first place I tried but they were booked up. Then I just started making my circle wider until I finally found Compass with an opening. I personally don’t think a few feet make a difference. If you can’t fit with a 43 footer then I doubt you’ll want to try with a 40′. State Parks seem to be the only place with real length restrictions that I’ve come across, (I think less than 35′ for most of them but some have a total length with the trailer and tow vehicle so you’d want to watch for those). Setting up during the week sounds like a safe bet, although we don’t get to choose most of the time. Do you have any manufacturers narrowed down yet?


      • Thanks for getting back with me. If we were planning to full time for only a couple years we might look at something around 32′. We give up to many of our wants at that short of a length. Especially cargo capacity.

        Be safe in your travels.

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      • Forgot to answer your question. We have narrowed down the manufacturers a little.

        But, we finally decided on a typical floor plan which is a rear living room fifth wheel. I’ve got 19 trailers and their floor plans on the short list so far if we stay at 38′ or less. That climbs to 40 trailers if we go as high as 40′.

        Goal this year is come up with our final 3 so I’ll know the critical weights as we will most likely buy the truck earlier than the trailer as we need it for hauling stuff.

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      • Good luck! Be sure, when you do decide on one, that you inspect everything before accepting it at the dealer. I’ve heard of a lot of people with problems right from the start because they don’t do this. Lazy Days in Florida has an RV park next to the dealer where you can stay for a few days while you work out all the kinks and what not. It would’ve been nice to be able to do something similar when we bought ours, but had to be in a different state for work 2 days later!

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