Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV 

Thanksgiving dinner was a success! When we went shopping, we were planning on it only being Allen and I for dinner.  Obviously we bought WAY too much food because we wound up feeding 4 adults & 4 kids… with leftovers!

We found out last Monday afternoon that Allen would be off work until tomorrow. We were over near Evansville, Indiana so we headed toward Cincinnati to see family and friends. We got a spot at Indian Springs Campground in North Bend, Ohio for 5 nights. Our spot was right on the lake. 

We travelled Tuesday so Wednesday I prepped everything I could ahead of time. I made the dirty rice stuffing to go in the bird, (that was a lot of work but turned out really delicious) made deviled eggs and cranberry sauce, and got some bagel dip together for an appetizer. We also did a bunch of laundry and when I went to go fold the last load, I stepped on super wet carpet by the closet.

This Dometic washer and dryer combo unit has almost been more of a headache than it’s worth. We’re pretty sure the drain pipe is leaking somewhere under the floor but we need to investigate further. More on this to come in a future post…

But let’s keep it positive. I talked Allen down from tearing up the bedroom carpet Wednesday night (thankfully!) and we drove over and had pizza with my mom. Thanksgiving morning we split ways and did our respective family things. Allen picked up his kids and went back out to the camper while I stayed the night with my mom. Our friend Katie stopped over Thanksgiving night and we shared some laughs also!

Friday morning I got back home, along with my mom, and started cooking. Our best friend Brandi came over around noon with her little girl Jaidean. I whipped up some delicious sangria (red wine, oj, sugar & rum…) for us along with that crab & artichoke dip I had mentioned in the last post. 

We had turkey with dirty rice stuffing, traditional dressing, lots of gravy, mashed potatoes, homemade Mac n cheese (which was the only thing that really didn’t come out perfect in my humble opinion), creamed corn (surprisingly a huge hit, even with super picky Brandi!), carrots (just buttered), green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, Hawaiian rolls, deviled eggs and store bought cheesecake.

All in our tiny camper kitchen!

Then we made (3 more pitchers more) of sangria, fed the ducks, let Charlie jump in the lake chasing them, did a little crying and a lot of hugging, played Heads Up and Apple to Apples… and let the kids watch ten minutes of Sausage Party! 

It was a really good day, not to mention we all really needed that time together. I’m most thankful for our family and our lifelong friends, who are oftentimes more family than blood relatives. 

Now we are on the road, headed to Gratiot, Ohio for 1-2 days of work… who knows what’s after that!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV 

    • Thanks! As for the washer… All we did when we took it apart was take the top off and work inside the unit… But it’s leaking from somewhere under the floor. It’s dry everywhere we can see (in the cubby, all inside the wall nothing is leaking-we cut a hole to check, it’s not coming from the actual unit either), so we are thinking that possibly a fitting wasn’t glued properly on the pvc type drain pipe, or something rubbed in there from all the traveling and made a hole… I’ll be sure to update when we find something out. We still haven’t decided if we can DIY it or if it’s something that needs to be addressed at a shop…


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