Pinterest’ing Yet Again! A way to fix broken makeup…

So…. I was just looking for a way to kind of silk screen DIY style and of course, like always, I got lost in the endless Pinterest maze and found a really cool way to fix my broken makeup. It seems like I always drop my favorite bronzer and it breaks into a million little pieces (I’ve read that book by the way, very good read). Then I’m forced to either toss it out or fight with streaky lines on my cheeks. Well I fixed the issue! I didn’t take a before pic because I was so excited and I wasn’t sure it was actually going to work. But it looks like it will! You just put some rubbing alcohol into the makeup compact and stir it around with a toothpick then spread it out and let it dry! Voilà! Super easy! 

And I DID find a way to sort of DIY a silk screen type thing. Actually an image transfer. I want to do it with my pillow covers I made… So that’ll be coming up. I’ve also started working on a Halloween costume for Charlie that’s coming along! I’m loving my new sewing machine! 

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