Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for myself and Allen last year in our camper (in North Dakota) and I plan to do it even better this year! 

We didn’t do too bad! 

The main challenge lies in the planning stage. Continue reading

Leaks are the WORST!

Especially in campers. But, you pay a price for living the RV lifestyle… 

Our old camper (2010 Forest River Wildwood) ALWAYS leaked under the bathroom sink where the water first came in. Every time the weather would change, the hoses would shrink and we’d have another puddle. We decided not to get another Forest River. 

We went with Grand Design because we thought it was the highest quality product on the market. Well, it still has the same crappy water hoses with poorly designed hose clamps. 

We noticed a puddle under the camper and started to investigate. Once we got into the big cubby, we found a puddle. We took two walls out that were blocking the water hoses and hot water heater and found the drippy source.  

 The hot water hose was leaking. The hose clamps they had on there couldn’t be removed or tightened so we had to cut it off the fitting.  

 Then we went to Lowe’s and got some better hose clamps. We thought we had some but we must’ve used them all on the old camper.  

 Allen let me fix it all by myself! It wasn’t hard, just obnoxious… Hopefully it’s fixed for good!  

 I’m glad we caught it when we did, otherwise everything in the cubby would’ve been soaked! 


Pinterest’ing Yet Again! A way to fix broken makeup…

So…. I was just looking for a way to kind of silk screen DIY style and of course, like always, I got lost in the endless Pinterest maze and found a really cool way to fix my broken makeup. It seems like I always drop my favorite bronzer and it breaks into a million little pieces (I’ve read that book by the way, very good read). Then I’m forced to either toss it out or fight with streaky lines on my cheeks. Well I fixed the issue! I didn’t take a before pic because I was so excited and I wasn’t sure it was actually going to work. But it looks like it will! You just put some rubbing alcohol into the makeup compact and stir it around with a toothpick then spread it out and let it dry! Voilà! Super easy! 

And I DID find a way to sort of DIY a silk screen type thing. Actually an image transfer. I want to do it with my pillow covers I made… So that’ll be coming up. I’ve also started working on a Halloween costume for Charlie that’s coming along! I’m loving my new sewing machine!