When you finally have an address… 

We spent just under 3 weeks in England, Arkansas… on the tower site… with no neighbors… and limited cell service. 

It wasn’t all that bad. We had water and 110 electric (until a few days before we left then the engineer found a 30 amp outlet that we connected to). We didn’t have a sewer so that was a little much in 95 degree weather! Allen enjoyed the no neighbor nudist opportunity and I learned some patience with a flashback to limited 3G connectivity!

We had lunch at Geautreaux’s just about every day and I frequented the laundrymat that I had to add to google maps. I took a 30 mile drive into Stuttgart (the rice and duck capital) to go to Walmart. I found a few little boutique shops in Keo and England that were pretty neat. And I got to meet a lady in one of the Facebook groups I belong to for spouses who travel in an RV for work. 

It was definitely an experience. 

I called Convenience RV Park in Willis, TX Saturday to see if they had a 50amp spot for us to live for about a month. John assured me they did and I could come on in on Monday. They have a pool, a restaurant and a mobile RV service on site so it sounded perfect! 

Well… it wasn’t. We arrived a little after 5pm on Monday and the office was closed. I tried to call John but it just rang and rang until I finally got a message saying “the machine is off”. We checked out the board they had outside the office and walked around to look at the sites. None were 50amp except the site marked overnight only. And none were going to be any kind of easy to get into. The place looked like a dump to be honest. 

Allen found Stow-A-Way Marina & RV Park off the same exit and gave them a call. They said to come on over and they would try and fit us somewhere. We wound up in site #3 with a concrete pad and 50amp FHU. It’s a back in site, a corner lot, but easy enough to get into because the site is actually on a 45 degree angle from the road. The park is all shaded by huge trees so that should help with our electric costs. Rent is $500/month plus electric at 11cents/kW. They have a pool and it’s right on the lake. There’s a convenience store/Marina store up front at the office and a BBQ restaurant that is open Friday-Sunday. The staff seems really nice too. 

I have my mom flying down Monday for a week to visit so that’s exciting! I also have a mobile RV tech coming out next week (not the guy from Convenience RV Park!) to work on replacing our rear air conditioner that stopped working in Haines City, FL

AND we got here just in time for Amazon Prime Day!!! So we ordered a new washer/dryer finally: an Edgestar ventless combo unit for half the price of our Splendide 7100xc. 

We also splurged on a new mattress… we’ve been dealing with a sagging lumpy one since we got our Grand Design Momentum in March of 2015 so it was high time for that! 

And I ordered a silhouette cameo vinyl cutter to make decals for my best friend’s golf outing-I’m really excited about this! 

I got the camper vacuumed yesterday (haven’t been able to do that since before we got to Arkansas!) and the fridge cleaned out. And I stepped on my first fire ant mound…. ouch! We went to the grocery last night, hit Tractor Supply for some more ant killer stuff and some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle around, and of course the liquor store! It feels good to be back in somewhat of a town!!! 

It’s always something! 

Between regular maintenance and things that go wrong, I sometimes feel like we can’t catch a break! 

We left the Happy Traveler RV Park near Tampa on Monday and got over to Orange City RV Resort. They gave us a first time special of $149/week – not bad!!! We got set up then were sitting outside when we saw hydraulic fluid on the foot of the jack… oh great! 

We wiped it off, checked inside the propane cubby where all the lines come in from the reservoir then spread out to each jack and the slides. We have the Lippert 6 point Automatic Leveling System. We wiped off all the lines, couldn’t see a visible leak or wear anywhere so decided to wait and see what happened. Maybe it was just pressure from being so hot, who knows?! 

Friday night we noticed more fluid on the jack pad. So we removed the hanger that holds all the lines in place and separated them. We put the suspected culprit on the propane tank so we could see if that was actually the leaky line. Saturday morning confirmed it! Hydraulic fluid all over the tank. 

So I called a mobile RV repair service and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully they can get the line replaced and fixed sometime next week. I know we will be here through next weekend at least, so I’m grateful for that. 

UPDATE: We fixed it ourselves! 

Right before we left Tampa, we had someone come and pick up our Splendide 7100xc washer dryer combo. Since it had been throwing an f13 error code from the first week we had it, they agreed to refund our purchase price. I’ll write a more detailed post on that next week, there’s a lot to cover! 

Now we are on the hunt for a new combo unit because I despise having to take everything to the laundromat and we are incredibly spoiled with the convenience of having a unit on board. I found a dealer here that can order a Contour brand combo for us but I can’t find ANYTHING online when I’m searching for it, so we haven’t decided if that’s the one we will go with. 

We did manage to take the pups to the doggy beach while in Tampa and they loved it! 

I hope all you moms have a great Mother’s Day weekend! 

Adventures as Wichitans!

Hi all! I guess now’s a good a time as any to write a blog post and catch you all up on our extended stay in Wichita, Kansas! 

I thought we were going to be out of there a couple weeks ago, but they added a little something to the job, so we got almost another two weeks out of it. The weather in Kansas, in the spring, is not super conducive to tall tower work, that’s for sure! So that added a little time to our stay. 

We were at All Seasons RV Park in Goddard, if you care to check that out or read the review. 

Just when we thought we were about to pack it up, they added another part to the job so we finally got our chance to run down to Oklahoma City for the weekend! We have some friends down there and LOVE going to the horse races at Remington Park, so that was super fun! Since we were only staying two nights we decided to try a hotel… We boarded the puppies at High Halo Kennels in Goddard. My heart was broken when we left them, and even though they came out fine, I still wouldn’t want to do it frequently! But we had a great weekend, dinner and drinks with Karen & Bob who own Abe’s RV Park, went to the farm with Jerry Livingston, the best horse trainer there is, and did lots of betting with not much winning!

But, staying gave me plenty of time to send Easter cards and other happy mail to kids from Sunshine Snail Mail… 

On Easter we had the crew from work over and we grilled a ham and enjoyed some adult beverages. Justin’s girlfriend, Tikila, is with him on the road now so I have a girl to hang out with, which is really nice! 

A couple guys left Monday to head to the shop in Evansville, Indiana but we stayed back so Allen could load trucks Tuesday. 

Yesterday afternoon we packed everything up and in the process noticed a boat load of water in the large pass thru cubby! FANTASTIC. So we drug everything out and decided it was the Anderson Kantleak – leaking… We took it all apart and off and pipe taped everything. I think it’s fixed. It doesn’t make much sense to me that it would start leaking while we were stationary. We have a water pressure regulator that we use constantly and the part that was leaking isnt something we ever even touch… 

Speaking of nonsensical, we also took the BRAND NEW Splendide 7100xc combo washer/dryer apart TWICE in Wichita. There’s only one mobile service there and he wouldn’t touch it, so we were on our own. It keeps throwing an error code, something to do with the heat sensor or air flow. They sent us a box of their brand of laundry soap but it still threw the code. So then they sent us a fan. (I’m sure the original fan was fine but I think they want to put us on the payroll). We cleaned out the filter in the back on the condenser, AGAIN, even though that’s not supposed to be a customer serviceable part or regular maintenance of any sort. We got it back together and in the closet and ran a load. Thank the lord for Baby Eustace spotting water running everywhere with his puppy curiosity, so we caught that before it was too bad. We didn’t have the condenser back on tight enough so when it got to the dry cycle it started spewing water… As I said, not supposed to be part of regular maintenance. I’m hoping we never have another problem with it, but to be honest, neither of us have very high hopes for that! 

We also changed the tail lights on the truck because the original factory ones kept holding water and burning the bulbs out. 

And replaced the bulbs in the fireplace, that was easy enough! 

So we hit the road this morning, heading to St. Louis, MO so Allen can check out a tower they’ll paint sometime in the future. We have a reservation at Cahokia RV Parque in Illinois only because we have to unhook for him to check out the site. Then we are on our way to the shop in Evansville. Then possibly a few jobs in Florida (fingers crossed for those!)