Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing – Bayard

Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing 

10012 Road 75

Bayard, NE 69334



Mamas and Babies!


This particular storm stayed south of us. This was our first day here!

Joe and Laura own this place. It’s pretty small compared to most parks we stay in. 16 spaces. Full hook ups. $325/month plus electric @ 18 cents/kWh. All the sites are pull thru. Gravel-ish (crushed up asphalt). Pretty level. Joe keeps the grass cut and the cows behind a fence. Yes, there are cows in the summer. There’s also a 26 year old quarter horse named Babe and 2 donkeys (I haven’t caught their names).


This is one of the few places we’ve been able to actually leave our porch down to use it!

There are bathrooms and showers in the office building with codes to get in. In the office, they have lots of collectible type things for sale. They sell beer and ice cream. I believe they also sell homemade burgers but I haven’t tried those.


Memorial Day

There is a nice view of Chimney Rock from the campground and it’s lit up with spot lights at night. The walk up to Chimney Rock cemetery is almost 4 miles round trip. From the cemetery there is a walking trail that leads to Chimney Rock but I haven’t done that. I’m a little scared I’ll see a rattlesnake, or any snake for that matter! But we did walk to the cemetery on Memorial Day. We had to carry Charlie halfway back… Her tiny legs couldn’t take it!img_6521


Chimney Rock Cemetery


Looking at Chimney Rock from the cemetery. I spread some of my brother’s ashes under this tree in the foreground.

It’s pretty quiet during the day, either everyone is at work or out doing whatever touristy things there are to do around here.


The campground owners, Laura and Joe, live in the house at the bottom left.

Scottsbluff isn’t far at all and there is a Walmart along with everything else you’d expect in a city. Bayard is right up the road and we went to the American Legion for some drinks one night. Also Bridgeport isn’t too far, in the opposite direction of Scottsbluff and there are a few local restaurants there, along with a Napa Auto Parts (I don’t know why that stuck in my head but it did!)

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