Landfall Terrace – St. Paul

Landfall Terrace

50 Aspen Way
Landfall, MN 55128

651-739-8284 (Lee is the park manager)


img_2338Alright, so this place was a little difficult to find online when we were looking for a place to live near St. Paul. Luckily, one of the ladies I’ve met in a Facebook group for people who travel for work had stayed here before so I had a little to go on.

Landfall Village is it’s own city. This is straight from their website:

“The City of Landfall Village is known as the smallest and most affordable community in Washington County. Our City, incorporated in 1959, consists of a manufactured home park known as Landfall Terrace, year around RV lots and two commercial businesses: St. Paul Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle of the Twin Cities. The population is 742 people living in approximately 300 manufactured homes. The city has an area of only 52.8 acres, 11 acres of which are the waters of Tanners Lake.  

We are in a prime location near I-94 with many shopping areas within a 5 mile radius, and bordering on Tanners Lake. We are less than 5 minutes to downtown St. Paul, and approximately 25 minutes to the Mall of America and the Mpls-St. Paul International Airport.”

We paid $200/week for a full hook up, 50amp, pull thru site that we squeezed into (length-wise)! We also got our own trash can and recycling bin (I miss recycling!) The monthly rate was $800. We wound up staying 4 weeks but it wasn’t supposed to be that long, so we paid weekly. We were here in January 2017 and got at least 16″ of snow.


Lee gave us the “ok” to stick into the road a little… This is how we stayed the entire time. 

We put up skirting around the camper and had 2 heaters going underneath.


The wind came off the lake and was absolutely brutal. We wouldn’t have made it had we not put the skirting up. 

The breaker on the pole popped once overnight because a plug got wet, so our heated water hose froze completely and didn’t defrost until about a week before we left. We spent 2 weeks filling the fresh tank almost daily so we could do laundry and live our lives as normal. It was cold. I mean COLD. Colder than North Dakota last November and I didn’t think that was possible! But it was… Below zero temps for the entire first week.

I bought winter boots. Allen stocked up on gloves and fleece lined jeans. Charlie and Eustace got new little bootie socks because their paws would freeze in 30 seconds before they could even think about doing any of their business. img_2478

But we made it. We survived a month in Minnesota winter! We found a mobile RV tech up there named Jason (Koehnen Mobile RV if you’re looking) and he helped us out with a few things: our heat pump, and replacing our washer/dryer combo

2 thoughts on “Landfall Terrace – St. Paul

  1. So in total it was $1000 a month including utilities and monthly space rent? I realize you were there during the winter but was the space very wide? Looks like everyone is packed in pretty tight.


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