Camping in 7 degree weather…

Who camps in 7 degree weather?! 

Well, we do. The real question is: Who’s brilliant idea was it to work on a 2000′ tower in late November in North Dakota?? … Hmmm… 

 Allen is working all weekend since they were off almost all week due to crazy winds. We’ve been leaving the bathroom faucet trickling 24/7 so our water doesn’t freeze. He forgot to leave it running when he left this morning for work. I got up 2 hours later and caught it just in time! Crazy! 

We even put a pillow over the spigot to kind of insulate it…  Our ghettoness is showing. 

 I’m just glad we have this camper (2015 Grand Design Momentum), our old one (2009 Forest River Wildwood) would be so much harder to keep thawed out! I thought Oklahoma City was bad last year… That was nothing compared to this!

More snow is on the way for Thanksgiving. Yippee! 

I forgot to take my tape measure to the grocery with me today. I need a maximum 7″ high turkey to fit in our convection oven…. 

I wish we were in the Florida Keys…. !!! 🌴

5 thoughts on “Camping in 7 degree weather…

  1. How funny! This is our first winter in a trailer and we happen to be just outside OKC. I was just starting to write my own post about winterizing but yours takes it to a whole new level! I thought dipping into the lower 30s and upper 20s was rough, but I can’t imagine ND winters! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to keeping up with your blog!


    • Oh, OKC was rough on us last year! We had a different camper. Our toilet froze and broke! We had a Workman space heater underneath and thick plastic sheeting all around the bottom like skirting. We put plastic on all our windows… Winter is my least favorite season! But yeah, I’d say you’re better off than we are right about now!

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