Roasted Garbanzo Beans

I’ve roasted garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, years ago. They are a crunchy, healthy snack and you can flavor them however you want.

I saw a post about Sweet and Spicy Roasted Nuts that caught my attention and it brought back the distant memory of roasted garbanzo beans.
Then my mouth started to water. And I added garbanzo beans to my shopping list.
I was afraid to make them “sweet” because they roast so much longer than the cashews in the original post that gave me the idea. So I just went with a similar concoction to what I’ve done in the past.
Instead of an actual oven, I used our convection microwave. It occurred to me that the reason I haven’t made these in FOREVER is because I haven’t had access to an “oven” that will cook things for long periods of time.  The camper oven is small and heats from the bottom, so it’s a little difficult to use. It’s definitely something you need to adjust to and account for!
Here’s the general recipe I followed:
***Full disclosure: I never measure ingredients (unless I’m using my bread maker). I eyeball and account for my preference of how I want the dish to taste. Sometimes I will use my palm or pinch with my fingers, but it’s nothing I could communicate in an actual measurement. So I say, just go with what you think will taste good. Or measure.
  • 2 cans of garbanzo beans, drained, rinsed, dried
  • olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • cumin
  • chili powder
  • cayenne pepper
Rinse the beans then drain them. I spread them on a paper towels then roll them around a bit to dry them off. I also pick out the little “skins” that fall off. I drizzled them with olive oil then sprinkled them with seasoning.

The wine is only for my sanity, not a part of the recipe!

I roasted them in the convection oven on 375 degrees for about 40 minutes total, I stirred them around twice.
In a regular oven you would do 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
I like mine crunchy, so inevitably some of them will get a little burnt. I like those little guys too.
Just to be totally honest, I love these, but Allen thinks they are disgusting.  But then again, he uses that word to describe a lot of things. It drives me nuts. And he knows it.
He has described as disgusting the following things that come to mind:
  • wine
  • roasted garlic
  • ground turkey (he will eat an entire serving and more of spaghetti or chili or “sausage” though)
  • my toothpaste

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a spicy, crunchy snack, and you’re not as crazy as my boyfriend, I say give these little guys a try!

Cheers to football Sunday!


Homemade Pizza

Ever since we got the new camper with a convection microwave, I’ve been wanting to make homemade pizza. 

My first attempt at cauliflower pizza did not turn out so well. The directions said to steam and drain the cauliflower, getting rid of the excess moisture, before grating it and maxing it with cheese and egg and shaping it like a pizza crust. I skipped the steaming and draining part so the “crust” never got crispy enough to hold together. I still want to try it again…  

After that didn’t work, and I got the Breadmaker, I decided to make actual pizza dough. This time it came out super delicious! I think the only thing I will do differently next time is bake the crust on its own with no toppings for ten minutes or so beforehand, so it gets a little more done without the cheese and toppings getting too brown.  


pepperoni, jalapenos, bell peppers and onions

And by the way, Allen took his very first blog photos for this post! 😉 Good job babe! 

Here is the recipe I used for the dough:

1.5 pounds: 1/2tsp salt, 3cups all-purpose flour, 1-1/2tsp active dry yeast, 1cup water, 2tbs EVOO, and I added about a tbs of Italian seasoning 

  1. Measure all ingredients into bread pan. 
  2. Select the dough cycle on the breadmaker. 
  3. Pat dough into a 12″ round pizza pan. 
  4. Preheat oven to 400• (I did the convection oven to 375• because you always go 25• lower than the recipe calls for. 
  5. Spread sauce and toppings over dough. 
  6. Bake 15-20 minutes. (I went 30 because the convection oven seems to take longer.)

***As I mentioned before, next time I will bake the crust on its own for about 10minutes THEN add the toppings. OR I could bake it in the regular oven. Since camper ovens are so small, they tend to burn the bottom of everything, since that’s where the heat comes from. We usually try to avoid using it altogether.  But that might be perfect for pizza!

On another note about the camper oven: we discovered in the old camper, before we had a convection oven in our lives, that if you cover the oven rack with aluminum foil, it helps to distribute the heat a little more evenly, but it also takes longer for things to cook.