Idaho… All I wanted was a potato!

After leaving Flathead Lake in Montana, we headed west on I-80. We needed somewhere to stop on the way to Seattle. Allen picked Idaho. The Sun Meadow Resort to be precise. In Worley, Idaho. It’s a nudist resort with an RV park. I can’t fill this post up with photos, but you can check out their website if you’d like. Or I found an interesting article about it here. I was the oddball and kept my tan lines-just not my cup of tea. Luckily we had plenty of sunscreen for Allen!

Once we got all set up and plugged in, we noticed our tire was really wearing funny. The front one on the passenger side had been wearing on the outside somewhat so we were keeping an eye on it. But when we got parked, it really jumped out at Allen so we decided we’d better change it. We had a full size spare that came with the camper. And our site was unlevel enough that the tire was off the ground anyway! So that made it a whole lot easier! I got the tire on by myself and tightened all the lug nuts! Then we checked the air in all of them and checked the air in the truck as well. Getting to those dually tires is a pain! At least Allen didn’t have any bulky clothes in the way!!!

I’m going to look into getting new camper tires and I’m waiting on a call back from Lippert Components today to see about getting the Correct Track worked on. It has something to do with the alignment and I’m pretty sure that’s why our one tire had funny wear on it. We were under the impression it was something we could do ourselves, from what the guy at Palm Beach RV told us, but apparently that isn’t the case.


You can see here how bad the tire was worn on the outside edge. The other two on that side were fine. 


Now we have one janky looking white rim… But at least we avoided a blowout! 

There were lots of trails at this clothes-less place in Idaho so Charlie got her exercise in for sure! And, I didn’t even get a potato! Idaho is on our map and off Allen’s bucket list… Moving on!

We left pretty early and headed toward Seattle, where one of my friends I went to college with lives. I’d sent pictures back and forth with Sara trying to decide if we could park in her backyard for a night. She has two pups that I wanted Charlie to meet and we were going to just hang out and grill some food. I haven’t seen her since I graduated in 2009! Well… I had no idea Seattle was so hilly! She mentioned it but I didn’t think it would be like San Francisco hilly! We gave it a go, against Allen’s better judgement, barely made it up the hill and then got right back on the highway! I think unless you are an RVer or familiar with how large some rigs actually are, it’s hard to picture it. We were definitely too big for Sara’s neighborhood!

I started calling RV parks along I-5. NOBODY would take us. Lots of them didn’t answer and never returned my call. Including one KOA that I’m a little peeved about considering we just bought a KOA Kard at the beginning of this trip. It was about equivalent to trying to find somewhere to stay in San Francisco!

I finally found one over an hour away who said they had plenty of room and to come on in. The guy on the phone didn’t ask how big we were but I made sure to tell him and he was fine with it. When you’re 43′ long, it’s not too easy to sneak in little places. The Outback RV Park.


The rules stated you weren’t allowed to store things outside of or underneath your RV. Ha!

This place was a dump, but somewhere to stay. Sara drove down to see me, I love that girl! We had some take out Mexican and some beers then she had to go home. img_7454-1

We left in the morning, headed to our next destination, which from Sara’s would’ve been a comfortable 150 mile drive. But from the Outback was a little 60 mile hop! The Columbia Riverfront RV Park was worlds better in comparison to the Outback! (Even with the ladies at the front desk being rude.) She made it VERY clear that if we showed up even one minute before noon, she would send us away! We parked right next to another Grand Design Momentum and hung out with the neighbors, Chris and Honey.  We got to see some mods they’ve done with their camper and find out a little more about how we are ever going to be able to get a Smart car AND keep the motorcycle… They had a little dog named Mugsy that Charlie got to play with. It was a fun night! But that was the only one we had there…

The town of Woodland also had the best Walmart either one of us had ever seen! Everything was clean and organized. The shelves were full. Checkout was a breeze. We were amazed!


The pool noodles were for a project we did with the camper. I’ll post about that soon. 

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