Flathead Lake & Glacier National Park

Eagle Nest RV Resort gave us lots of good info when we checked in, so we got set up and took off right away to do the Flathead Lake Tour!img_7457

Starting in Polson at the bottom of the lake, we made our way up the east side and around down the west side. We bought a Montana State Park pass at he first park we came to around the lake for $6. There’s lots just all spread out, tucked against the lake, mainly on the east side. That gave us access to actually get down to the water in multiple spots. I put some of my brother’s ashes in quite a few places. It was kind of a stormy day, so even though we didn’t get beautiful sun shiny pictures, I still think it looked really pretty and very dramatic.

Once we got up toward to northern end of the lake, we were starving so we explored Bigfork. It’s a tiny community (a census designated place according to Wikipedia) full of little shops, inns, and restaurants. We ate at the Bigfork Inn. I tried duck for the first time (yum!) and Allen had a prime rib – finally! He’s been waiting to have some prime rib since we were in Nebraska! Very delicious.

Following the road around the western edge, there aren’t as many places to stop right by the water, but we found a few turnouts. We got back to the campground and planned out our Glacier trip for the following day.

We got a really early start because Glacier National Park is about an hour and a half from the campground. It seems like it’s a huge park, but the roads are limited. There’s only one main road that goes through the park. And Going-to-the-Sun Road is NOT my favorite street! Allen is a beast and kept us from falling off the edge of the cliff!

It was so scary… Foggy… Wet… No visibility… I’m pretty sure I have a phobia of driving, or should I say riding in the passenger seat, on/up/down/through mountainous terrain. I hate it. I need to work on that.

Anyhow, we didn’t have the best weather, especially up at Logan Pass. We couldn’t even see in the parking lot of the visitor center! It was pretty nuts!


Once we came down to St. Mary’s the weather cleared up but it was still super windy!img_7479

We thought about trying to go back through but there’s no way it would’ve been any better, plus my nerves were shot, AND I really wanted to go around the outside of the park to see Goat Lick. A bunch of goats go to this one rocky area to lick the rocks for minerals they need. We saw about 3 mamas (or nannies I guess they are called), and three kids. Cute!

We took the road to Two Medicine and hiked back to see Running Eagle Falls. That was gorgeous. We finally found someone to take our picture together! We still didn’t see any daggone bears! Or moose… Bummer!

Overall, it was a really beautiful trip. If you want to see all of the GoPro pictures, you can check them out on Allen’s Facebook page here. He had the idea to mount the GoPro on the camper before we drove through Yellowstone, so we just moved it to the truck for our tour of Glacier.img_7331


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