GoPro-ing Yellowstone National Park

Allen had a great idea to mount the GoPro to the front of the camper!

So we captured our entire drive through Grand Teton to Yellowstone then up to Bozeman, MT when we left Dubois, WY. I downloaded the app on my phone so I could manually take photos. I’m so glad he thought of this because it’s proving to be really neat! We were pulling the camper (a 43′ Grand Design Momentum 385 toy hauler) so stopping for pictures was a little more limited than just driving the truck was the day before at Grand Teton National Park. The battery lasted about 90% of the way through, and Yellowstone is huge! fa891e4c-c3c6-44be-aa24-5d6a7977f9ae

Old Faithful is not very big rig friendly, at least not the parking lot, but we gave it a try anyway! No luck! A buffalo did walk right past us in the road though and I caught that on camera! I also got photos and a short video of a small herd of bison on the side of the road.

We entered from the south, drove up past Old Faithful then out through the north entrance, which was by far the stickiest part… Lots of tight turns and switchbacks! I was pretty scared!c9a3d7f8-14c3-4533-a710-b04d744c4515

We saw some elk right next to the road at the north entrance too! I had to hold Charlie down so she didn’t go crazy and scare them!


If you want to see ALL the photos we got, you can check them out on Allen’s Facebook page

We got up to the campground at Bozeman Hot Springs (formerly a KOA) mid afternoon so we had time to enjoy some of the 12 pools they have. img_7433img_7432You can read more about the campground here.img_7408

We had drinks and dinner in downtown Bozeman the first night, did some shopping the next morning then hung out by the pool most of the day and had a fire that night. This was actually not my first choice of a campground but it turned out great! It’s proving to be a teensy bit difficult to find a spot big enough to fit us in all these places we want to visit…


I  think when we are old and have lots of time, we will get something smaller so we can camp just about anywhere. Allen says we are scouting for retirement on this trip since we only have a day or two everywhere!

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